Revue Starlight

Title (Japanese): 少女☆歌劇 レヴュー・スタァライト (Shoujo Kagkei Revue Starlight)
Title (English): Revue Starlight
Studio: Kinema Citrus
Episodes: 12
Streaming: HIDIVE
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Revue Starlight Ep. 1-6Episode 1

The stage is set.

Revue Starlight Ep. 2-5Episode 2

I thought Junna was going to be a one-off opponent but her arc is more extensive than that.

Revue Starlight Ep. 3-5Episode 3

This is Tendou Maya…

Revue Starlight Ep. 4-5Episode 4

It can be too easy to forget that these girls are all friends here.

Revue Starlight Ep. 5-4Episode 5

If you change a few things, Mahiru would be a great yandere character.

Revue Starlight Ep. 6-4Episode 6

Never change, Kaoruko.

Revue Starlight Ep. 7-5Episode 7

The banana is a lie.

Revue Starlight Ep. 8-5Episode 8

This episode helps you understand where Hikari is coming from – her aspirations, her turmoil, and her resolve.

Revue Starlight Ep. 9 FIEpisode 9

It ain’t over ’til it’s over for this banana

Revue Starlight Ep. 10-5Episode 10

This Revue has two functions: an affirmation of Karen and Hikari’s bond and some progression for Maya and Claudine’s.

Revue Starlight Ep. 11-1Episode 11

The finale can’t air any sooner.

Revue Starlight Ep. 12-6Episode 12

What an experience Revue Starlight proved to be and this final episode is a terrific way to go.

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