Title (Japanese): がっこうぐらし! (Gakkougurashi!)
Title (English): School-Live!
Studios: Lerche
Episodes: 12
Streaming: Crunchyroll | HIDIVE
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | Anime News Network | LiveChart | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

School-Live! Ep. 1-30Episode 1

Ignorance was bliss…

School-Live! Ep. 2-11Episode 2

Goodness, this show isn’t just cruel to Yuki, is it?

School-Live! Ep. 3-7Episode 3

On one hand, I like this episode. On the other, I’m really puzzled.

School-Live Ep. 4-2Episode 4

Living in a school? Please. Try living in a mall.

School-Live! Ep. 5-27Episode 5

I would’ve gone with one of the benches or the Mega Buster but I guess that works.

School-Live! Ep. 6-5Episode 6

I saw it coming but dang it.

School-Live! Ep. 7-28Episode 7

Hoping for the best.

School-Live! Ep. 8-27Episode 8


School-Live! Ep. 9-24Episode 9

The you-know-whats probably took the actual swimming pool for themselves.

School-Live! Ep. 10-14Episode 10

The beginning of the “end”.

School-Live! Ep. 11-30Episode 11

Really putting the “live” in “School-Live!”…

School-Live! Ep. 12-21Episode 12

School’s out and so is this series.

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