Fastest Finger First – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

My interest for Fastest Finger First quickly went from neutral to curious when I realized this is a sport show centered around quiz games. That’s part of the joy of trying all sorts of new anime in a new season (for the record, this show wasn’t on my radar at all). You’re bound to find some surprises along the way.

Do bear in mind, this show follows the basic template of a sports series. The passionate dialogue overselling the sport, the dramatic close-ups, the analysis of the players, the techniques. The full package is here but I don’t think it feels very tiresome in this show. Simply put, seeing this stuff executed during a quiz game is pretty entertaining. I like the neat graphic of the question slowly scrolling as it is being recited orally to show when players buzz before the question ends. It’s amusing to see colorful text and filters take over the screen as you see Shiki (Shun Horie) deduce the answer. And Mari’s (Umika Kawashima) habit of marking down when she knows the answer during a question on a booklet seems like a believable practice.

The characters are basic but they’re fun to watch. Shiki reminds me of Onoda from Yowamushi Pedal in that he is a nerd who is practically ideal for the show’s featured sport. Being an avid reader makes him very knowledgeable but he’s also very good as analyzing his opponents and the nature of the questions. It contrasts well with Mari (kind of neat to see a unisex sport series for once) who is faster at buzzing and answering. By far the best character of the show, however, is the founder of the quiz circle, Gakuto Sasajima (Takuya Satou). This guy is so goofy and oversells the wonders of quizzing that I just really like seeing him onscreen.

I might stick around for a few more episodes of this. I just find the sports genre template being used with quizzing entertaining. I can’t blame anyone if they’re tired of that template but it’s one that can be a lot of fun when executed well.

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