Restaurant to Another World – Ep. 6


Ahem. So yeah, I’ve really wanted an episode on Aletta for quite some time. I have no problem with format Restaurant to Another World has been following; it’s super charming and the supportive cast has been a joy to watch every week. I just can’t help but ask, “I wonder how Aletta’s been doing.” Part of that feeling admittedly stems from the fact that Aletta is one of the most recurring characters in the show. But I also just love how happy she is when she’s working at Nekoya. Her expressiveness also pairs off nicely with Tenshu’s casual and collected demeanor.

For the most part the episode delivers on what it was advertising. We see a slightly more expanded on take on what a usual day at work for Aletta looks like. She waiters as well as help carry supplies around the building and clean up the dining area. Aletta’s apparently a very modest person since she finds a normal, everyday shower from our world far too luxurious for her to use. She really only uses it because she has to look clean in front of customers and so enjoying the shower comes across as a guilty pleasure for her. She also seems to have developed a rapport with the customers since Sarah asks her how job hunting in the other world has been going

Speaking of which, Aletta’s been getting work at the other world again! They’re only a series of oddjobs but it’s at least better than nothing and she still has Nekoya for consistent income. Of course this episode doesn’t even confirm if she finally left the stinking haystack that we saw her sleeping on back in the pilot. I know I keep bringing that up but I’ll never get over the sight of her getting hired in Episode 1 and then returning back to the ruins for the night. I really should let go of that detail because for all I know, this anime and people behind it are just trolling me at this point.

I really only have one nitpick with this episode and it’s how the sandwich scene is executed. It’s intended to show what kinds of conversations Aletta would witness but that scene does take the point of view away from her and back to the customers that we’ve already met. That being said, I liked seeing customers bicker over their food again, especially since the roster has expanded since the last argument. The best part is that it’s not actually about the actual dishes that are their favorites but rather, it’s about sandwiches they order as takeout. Poor Aletta has to keep track of all this when everyone starts ordering their favorite sandwiches for the debate. I do have to wonder why Aletta lacks a notepad for her to write orders down. It’d probably be helpful for the only waitress that works in the darn place.

Personally, I think the best part of the episode is when the Owner steams potatoes for Aletta. Potatoes, or “cobbler’s tubers” as they’re called in the other world, brings a lot of bad memories for Aletta. It’s a reminder of what little she could eat when she was dirt poor and homeless. The Owner takes notice of that and steams potatoes to show her that she can still enjoy them. One bite of a steamed potato with butter and Aletta is won over. She even goes as far as to call it her favorite dish. I really, really loved this scene. The Owner being a nice guy is nothing new at this point but I love how he took the liberty of taking something that troubled Aletta and turned it into something positive for her. I supposed a steam potato with butter seems too simplistic to be a favorite dish (and I’m a person who likes eating them) but I think it fits Aletta. She’s a modest person at heart so she likely has simpler tastes in food. Plus, I think Aletta knows what the message is and so, she values the dish more because of that.

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