Restaurant to Another World – Ep. 9

Fried Seafood

Of course the dwarves would be drinking the booze. In fact, I think the beer and whiskey were featured menu items in addition to the fried seafood.

True, Guilhelm and his white bearded friend are what you expected: two dwarves who love getting drunk and can get happy and angry very easily. Restaurant to Another World‘s fantasy world has admittedly been a bit by the numbers. Even the Melon Soda Float segment presents a culture that’s taking a page off of Arabian Nights. Perhaps I’ve never really objected to the show’s setting because it’s a least well realized. In the end, what really sells the setting is seeing it come face to face with the culinary culture of our world. And I won’t lie, as cliche as Guilhelm and his friend are as characters, it was pretty funny seeing them get so excited over our booze and fried fish. I particularly like the shift in the friend’s attitude, starting out as an angry skeptic only to then loudly praise the food offered at Nekoya.

The real kicker to this segment is at the end where you find out the two dwarves establish a rest point for explorers. However, the door to Nekoya is kept a secret, complete with an impenetrable closest around where the door spawns. I’m just amazed how selfish those two are. Imagine the attention the cabin would get if the two let explorers in on the secret. Then again, considering that Nekoya has a staff of three people and only one of them knows how to cook, it’s probably for the best that the door is kept a secret.

Melon Soda Float

At this point, Nekoya must be the best place in the multiverse. You got so many royals from all over the world coming to this darn place and it must be so easy to interact with other countries. Really, if you had a choice between sailing for months across the world to opening a magical door every Saturday, the decision would be pretty easy to make.

Granted, Prince Shareef of the Land of Sand and his talk of an alliance with the Great Empire is actually his way of trying to become closer to Princess Adelheid. Poor guy just can’t muster the courage to confess to her. The very fact that he’s able to meet Adelheid in this way is a bit extraordinary. I mean, in ancient times, I guess the marriage would’ve been arranged and that would be it. Being in Nekoya at least lets Shareef actually interact and connect with the princess….even if he’s bad at it. Give credit to Shareef’s half-sister, Renner; she’s the one who’s actually pushing for some sort of relationship between the two.

Now, is it just me or is it a bit atypical that we have two customers order entirely different treats? It’s pretty apparent that when there’s two customers visiting Nekoya together (including the segment that came before this one), everyone just orders the same item on the menu. For once, we actually have two people ordering something different from each other. Their taste is pretty different too. Shareef likes the mix of sweet and bitterness in his coffee float while Renner prefers to go completely sweet with her melon soda float.

Also, I thought it was pretty funny that because of Shareef’s visits to Nekoya, the Land of Sand now has ice coffee. See, Nekoya really is the best place in the multiverse.

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