Restaurant to Another World – Ep. 10

So after nearly four days of trying Crunchyroll with this college internet connection, I can finally resume Restaurant to Another World. 


So much like Gaganpo and the lizard people’s segment from Episode 4, we have an entire race becoming enamored with Nekoya. In this case, it’s an entire kingdom of fairies. Sadly, we don’t have a National Geographic narrator this time but then again, that probably would’ve been super out of place here.

Come to think about it, a lot of people are cautious or skeptical when they first encounter Nekoya. It makes sense; I’d be horribly confused if a door with a cat logo randomly appeared right in front of me. It hasn’t really gotten old either and in the fairies’ case, caution seemed pretty appropriate especially when you consider just how large the door is compared to them. Leave it to Queen Tiana for calmly leading the “expedition” into Nekoya. She’s pretty bold too; she even tested the crepe for poisons herself because she is the most resilient to all types of poisons.

I did think it was a little silly that Tiana seeks the aid of Victoria because Victoria just so happens to be most magically talented person eating at the moment. I mean, she could’ve asked anyone and she’d probably get the same help. Still, I love how diplomatic Victoria and Tiana are with one another and how Victoria recommended crepes in consideration for the fairies’ statures and tastes. Really goes to show how good food can bring all sorts of people together.

And I won’t lie; it is pretty adorable seeing little fairies eat crepes. I love that even Aletta agrees to cut it into little pieces for them. I would’ve loved it more if the Owner decides to start cooking smaller crepes for the fairies from this point on. That would’ve been a sight to behold. The only thing I find more charming than fairies eating crepes is the ending where we see fairies debating on what kind of crepe to order for their next visit. Think about it; this is their politics now.

Natto Spaghetti

We seem to be coming back to our earlier customers a lot during the second half. It’s been a nice blend of meeting new people while still checking back on familiar faces. In this segment’s case, we get to see Fardania embarking on her quest to become a master chef. I almost forgot about that part of her character but I’m happy nonetheless to see it more explored.

Anyway, Fardania meets up with a family friend, Christian, an elf who has devoted a lot of his studies to replicating the miso and natto he has eaten at Nekoya. Something about the two elves realizing that they are both Nekoya customers amuses me. It’s like when you’re part of a secret club and suddenly realize that a friend or acquaintance of yours is also a club member. Considering this and the time when Sarah realized she’s hiring Aletta as her housekeeper, I guess these characters really do live in a small world.

Natto Spaghetti is an interesting meal to feature. Considering that Restaurant to Another World presents more mainstream stuff like fried shrimp or hamburg steak, natto just comes across to me as a bit out there. Even Christian states that he is the only customer who eats natto at Nekoya. I’m just as surprised as Fardania is that it’s even on the menu in the first place.

Oddly enough, the spaghetti gets shoved aside when Fardania custom orders a bowl of rice with natto. The Owner surprisingly seems a bit reluctant to do so since most of menu items are western-based or at least has some sort of western ingredient to it. But since the customer is always right, rice is served and to Fardania’s glee and Christian’s shock, the natto tastes better with it. I kind of want to question how it never occurred to Christian to try natto with something other than spaghetti. I mean, he’s an elf so clearly, he had plenty of time. But I get what this scene is trying to do; it’s accentuating the importance of having new and young people who can think in ways their more experienced colleagues had never considered. It’s a simple yet pleasant message to end the episode with.

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