Restaurant to Another World – Ep. 12 (END)

We’re finally at the end of Restaurant to Another World and I think the show saved its best twist for last: there really does exist a dish everyone will eat.

I’m kidding (kind of) but it is stunning that of all the food served in Nekoya, it’s pork soup that wins everyone’s hearts. Even Kuro wants to try it and Kuro is on a strictly chicken curry rice diet! I almost want to call the Owner a genius for making it only available on a monthly event. That will certainly keep demand up. Still, I think it is a nice touch that after all the nicknames and petty arguments, there is something that everyone will eat.

You would think that the finale would just show everyone we’ve come to know and (mostly) love and you do see almost every customer in this episode. But we are presented with one last customer: the legendary half-elf warrior Alexander. As it tuns out Alexander and Altorius are comrades-in-arms and conveniently for the former, the latter knows how to get to Nekoya. Alexander is the father of Emperor Wilhelm (meaning Adelheid is his granddaughter) and Alexander wants to try Nekoya’s croquettes since they were his son’s favorite dish. I quite like this final subplot of a man who wants to reconnect with his son even if the latter has long since passed away. The only thing I would’ve liked is perhaps more interaction between him and Adeheild but for all I know, that’s elaborate in the light novel (can someone please publish that in the US?).

As Altorius and Alexander enjoy their food however, we are given the real big twist of this episode: the Owner is the grandson of their fallen comrade, Yomi. Whereas everyone assumed Yomi died defeating a demon lord, the warrior ended up on Earth and married the man who would become the first owner of Nekoya and the Owner’s grandfather. It’s a really nice touch, one that gives a few hints as to how Nekoya came to be as well make the Owner’s connection with the other world a bit more personal. It also really accentuates the idea Nekoya is a bridge between two worlds. Both of the Owner’s grandparents wanted the other world to enjoy the food of our world and the Owner continues to keep that wish alive.

One last thing: I really love the little scenes with the Nekoya staff together. There is something adorable about how Aletta interacts with her boss, particularly when the Owner notices that Aletta really wants to try pork soup and later tells her his stance about customer service. I just love Aletta gets either flustered or enamored with how kind her boss is. Meanwhile, it’s really funny to see the Owner shocked that Kuro now talks verbally but Aletta is just used to it. I actually was going a little crazy at how Aletta just casually accepted this change. At least someone in this show got shocked. I guess the curry bun icebreaker really did work. I’m just puzzled that Kuro still goes telepathic with the customers. Maybe that means talking verbally signifies Kuro feels close to you?

Regardless, I think ending the anime with the three preparing for dinner was the perfect way to go. Even though they share their screen time with the customers, they are the most consistent aspect of the show and lovable in their own right. I can’t think of anything better than seeing these three characters finish their day off on a high note.

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