My Girlfriend is Shobitch – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

I expected to hate My Girlfriend is Shobtich (that title) but honestly, the premiere wasn’t half-bad. Believe me, this premise could’ve gone horribly wrong. I like the concept of two teenagers in a relationship, with one of them being way too convinced that they need start banging, but this could’ve easily gone super crass or perverted and ruin whatever potential there could be.

There are some double entendres and some shameless fanserivce here and there but at the moment, they aren’t too detrimental to the show. Honestly, there’s a fair amount of care put into how these characters act. Kosaka (Aoi Yuuki) has no idea how relationship normally works as well as a naive, obsessive curiosity with sex but at the end of the day, she’s just trying to make Haruka (Mitsuhiro Ichiki) happy. And I understand where her attitude is coming from; romance is always something teenagers overthink during high school. Meanwhile, I expected Haruka to be a massive pervert but he actually keeps his fantasies to himself. The boy surprisingly wants to learn about his girlfriend as a person first and foremost and he’s actually a lot less into Kousaka’s antics than you’d expect. There’s also Haruka’s childhood friend, Shizuku (Larissa Tago Takeda), who I thought would be a rival for Kousaka but I’m glad that the show didn’t go that route. Frankly, I prefer Shizuku opting to just the troll and tease the two main characters.

To the surprise of myself, I actually do want to stick through this show for a little bit longer. I’m not fond of the title and I could probably do less fanservice but I do at least appreciate that the show takes its theme far more seriously than I expected. I can’t say I blame you if you’ve already dropped this show though. The premise is quite the double-edged sword.

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