Mitsuboshi Colors – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Mitsuboshi Colors was one of my two CGDCT shows of interest (the other being Laid-Back Camp) though I did go into this show with very modest expectations. It’s a little odd because I did read and enjoyed a little bit of the manga and the premise just screamed “charming” to me. I suppose my biggest fear was just me generally feeling that child characters are super hit or miss in anime (or just fictional media in general). Sometimes, they’re great….other times, not so much. Now that I have seen this premiere, I feel as though that concern has lessened now. This was just a ton of fun to watch.

By far, the biggest strength this show has already displayed is its depiction of childhood. The three main characters are part of the “Colors”, a team dedicated to protecting their neighborhood and preserving the peace. In reality, the Colors are lost in their own little world. The “conflicts” that they resolve are really just simple games and things that rile up their curiosity. For example, the first case they solve in this show is searching for a cat that looks like a panda. It’s hardly anything ominous but their imagination leads them to that kind of conclusion and they rush to find it. I suppose, the most direct they get with “corruption” in the town is antagonizing the local cop, Saito. The story certainly does escalate in that moment since they somehow procure a toy rocket launcher and threaten to “kill” Saito with it (that had me laughing so hard). Still, the accusation seems baseless and they probably just want to have a bone to pick with him.

In general, the town they live in looks like a low-key and safe environment (or at least it better be because WHERE ARE THESE GIRLS’ PARENTS?). At the same time though, there’s a huge degree of authenticity to the plot. Make-believe is, after all, a big aspect of children’s imagination so it makes sense that it fuels the Colors’ agenda. These girls may be overthinking, jumping to conclusions, or just downright nonsensical but then again, that kind of thinking and desire to have fun is part of being a kid.

It also helps that each member of the Colors are, well, colorful in personality. I seriously can’t think pick any favorites right now; they’re all entertaining. Yui is the overemotional and possibly reluctant leader, Sacchan is downright impulsive and energetic, and Kotoha is obsessed with gaming and bizarrely morbid from time to time. I suppose the characterization can be boiled down to quirks but the chemistry strikes to me as balanced and amusing. One bit I really love regarding their dynamic is when Sacchan crawls on the ground for no reason. Kotoha proceeds to step on her, even declaring that she’s always wanted to do this and Yui is just left confused and concerned for her friends.

Something that I really dig about Mitsuboshi Colors is its art direction. It kind of amuses me that, like Yuru Camp, Mitsuboshi Colors utilizes fairly realistic backgrounds albeit for a different effect. Having the town look that believable nicely offsets girls’ imaginations while also matching their curiosity towards it. I also like how each character design has a particular color scheme. Yui’s color is red, Sacchan’s is yellow and Kotoha’s is blue. It almost seems intentional that they’re all primary colors; perhaps to match how young and innocent they are.

I’m definitely looking forward to more of Mitsuboshi Colors. The show seems to have a solid understanding of how children play make-believe and the scenarios the Colors get into are really entertaining. There is definitely some stiff competition between the CGDCT anime this season though I don’t really see myself dropping the Colors’ little escapades right now.

OP: “Colors Power ni Omakasero!” by Colors☆Slash

ED: “Miracle Colors☆Honjitsu mo Ijou Nashi!” by Colors☆Slash

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One thought on “Mitsuboshi Colors – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. I like your 1st-impressions of this series a lot (even though I probably won’t be watching it), as you went into detail about the girls’ imagination and colours in relation to the setting of the town.
    For that, I’m looking forward to your subsequent thoughts of this series as it continues 🙂
    Thanks for the F.I. review!

    Liked by 1 person

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