Laid-Back Camp – Ep. 12 (END)

Man, finishing Laid-Back Camp left me feeling as empty as the cast’s wallets.

I joke but it’s true: I really didn’t want to finish Laid-Back Camp. Not that the CGDCT genre hasn’t been graced with some really stellar iterations as of late but I knew for a fact that there was going to be a void left by this particular show. Maybe there’s hope for a second season? Last I check, the show was on track to sell pretty well on disc so it’s possible. Some OVAs were at least announced so I’ll take what I can get.

Anyway, this finale was a bit on the low-key breezy side. It’s largely a final string of some moe antics and gorgeous scenery. I suppose a calm walk to the finish line is to be expected; a lot of character development, especially anything regarding Rin has been resolved before this episode started. Still, this episode was a joy to sit through, acting as one final bout of the show’s impressive balance of moe and iyashikei affectations. One moment it’s silly and cutesy and then the next, it’s an impressive build-up to a gorgeous sunrise. Laid-Back Camp just seems to know when to use its arsenal at the most appropriate times.

There are some key takeaways in this episode; the first being that the Outdoor Activities Club ultimately didn’t gain a larger roster. Rin’s still a long wolf and Ena is still a question mark because of her other commitments at school. I guess Toba-sensei is a permanent addition though I imagine she’ll just be passed out drunk at the teacher’s lounge during club meetings. In the end, the club is just a group of three eternally trapped in that storage closet. It’s a little sad (albeit hilariously so) but I think this conclusion is in support to what Laid-Back Camp has been advocating for quite some time. There is no single way to enjoy a hobby and there is no necessity in being a part of a group. A lot of CGDCT anime can be pretty adamant about having their casts join a club so it’s neat that all Laid-Back Camp insists on is flexibility. And when you consider Rin’s character development, she definitely did learn to indulge in something new every once in a while.

Clearly Laid-Back Camp acknowledges the validity of Rin’s preference to camp solo as the post-credit scene reveals that Nadeshiko decided to try that approach herself. It’sa little surprising because Nadeshiko never really came across as someone who want to camp by herself. She just seems too energetic and sociable for that kind of hobby. Not that I’m complaining though. I like the idea that the lesson of being willing to try something new every once a while was not a one-sided dynamic between these two leads. Laid-Back Camp focused a lot on Rin’s character development but the truth is that Nadeshiko was becoming more flexible in parallel.

While I’m at it, I had the biggest smile on my face seeing Nadeshiko with her own camping gear. She did it, guys! She got money she can spend!

Of course, Rin ultimately happens to be at the same camping spot. I would’ve liked to see Nadeshiko actually be alone but I think the intention was to make Laid-Back Camp full circle. Coincidentally, the location is the same spot where our two main characters first met. Having them bump into each other by accident again is satisfying way to finish things off.

And so concludes Laid-Back Camp. I hope there’ll be another season but like any other anime based on a manga, there is the source material to check out at least. The first volume even just came out in the U.S. so I consider that a consolation. For now, I’m content with where the anime leaves off and I’ll welcome any news for more.

Other Thoughts:

  • I actually thought the show did skip forward in time with that beginning scene. It’s only when we find out that Nadeshiko is rich and successful that I realize something was off.
  • I can’t believe the rocket-powered tent from the OP showed up.
  • Pulling Chikuwa out of the frame was a cruel thing to do, Laid-Back Camp.
  • Ena, copyright and trademark “Shimarin Buns”. You’ll make millions!
  • I’m surprised Chiaki can even afford a Netflix membership.
  • Moped Journey honestly sounds like a Yuru Camp spin-off…someone greenlight this.
  • Rin’s still the Best Girl and don’t even try to dissuade me on that.

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