Laid-Back Camp

This is an Archive Page for my Laid-Back Camp episode reviews. It is under construction. Watch Laid-Back Camp on Crunchyroll.

Table of Contents:

  1. Season 1
  2. Room Camp
  3. Season 2
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Season 1

Episode 1

Time to vicariously camp on a budget again.

Episode 2

Rin is so relatable.

Episode 3

I love how understanding and considerate Nadeshiko is.

Episode 4

Poor girls can’t afford a scooter but at least they can go camping.

Room Camp

Season 2

Episode 1

The most important origin story ever.

Episode 2

The most relaxing way to start the year.

Episode 3

Funny how these solo trips eventually involve Nadeshiko in some way.

Episode 4

Nadeshiko camping solo? Nadeshiko spending money? What in the world?!

Episode 5

Has Chiaki always been this bad at planning trips?

Episode 6

And then they all died.

Episode 7

Nadeshiko Alone

Episode 8

She’s just camping there…MENACINGLY


The following vignettes are the kind of nonsense Aoi would make up for giggles.