Laid-Back Camp

Title (Japanese): Yuru Camp
Title (English): Laid-Back Camp
Studio: C-Station
Officially Available: Crunchyroll

Laid-Back Camp Ep. 1-5

Episode 1

I think the relaxing activity of camping suits the iyashikei/slice of life template extremely well.



Yuru Camp Ep. 2-5

Episode 2

For the second episode in a row, Rin just shines in this story.




Yuru Camp Ep. 3-3

Episode 3 (Lightning Round)

Laid-Back Camp may be a slow burn but it knows how to build up and pay off.




Laid-Back Camp Ep. 5-2

Episodes 4-6

Seriously, why does Rin have all the money?




Laid-Back Camp Ep. 9-2

Episodes 7-9

Rin is Best Girl. Fight me on this.




Yuru Camp Ep. 10-4

Episode 10

A club so broke, they can’t even afford to give each other Christmas presents.




Yuru Camp Ep. 11-5

Episode 11

The gang’s all here now, complete with a drunk teacher and an adorable dog!




Yuru Camp Ep. 12-4

Episode 12 (END)

Finishing Laid-Back Camp left me feeling as empty as the cast’s wallets.