Laid-Back Camp

Title (Japanese): ゆるキャン△ (Yuru Camp)
Title (English): Laid-Back Camp
Studio: C-Station
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 12 (+3 OVAs)
Streaming: Season 1 – Crunchyroll
Room CampCrunchyroll
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Season 1

Laid-Back Camp Ep. 1-5Episode 1

I think the relaxing activity of camping suits the iyashikei/slice of life template extremely well.

Yuru Camp Ep. 2-5Episode 2

For the second episode in a row, Rin just shines in this story.

Episode 3

This may be a slow burn but this show knows how to build up and pay off.

Laid-Back Camp Ep. 5-2Episodes 4-6

Seriously, why does Rin have all the money?

Laid-Back Camp Ep. 9-2Episodes 7-9

Rin is Best Girl. Fight me on this.

Yuru Camp Ep. 10-4Episode 10

A club so broke, they can’t even afford to give each other Christmas presents.

Yuru Camp Ep. 11-5Episode 11

The gang’s all here now, complete with a drunk teacher and an adorable dog!

Yuru Camp Ep. 12-4Episode 12

Finishing Laid-Back Camp left me feeling as empty as the cast’s wallets.

Laid-Back Camp Special 3-2Specials

Okay but Season 2 when?

Room Camp

Room Camp Ep. 1-1Episode 1

A club so broke, they got their running time slashed.

Room Camp Ep. 2-3Episode 2

The title, Room Camp, is looking very inaccurate right now.

Room Camp Ep. 3-3Episode 3

Thank goodness that it didn’t take too long for Rin to show up.

Room Camp Ep. 4-1Episode 4

Rin gets the spotlight all to herself so by default, this is my favorite episode of Room Camp so far.

Room Camp Ep. 5-1Episode 5

Nadeshiko as a turtle was not something I was prepared to see.

Room Camp Ep. 6-2Episode 6

But what got them into camping?!

Room Camp Ep. 7-2Episode 7

Must such misfortune befall such an innocent girl?

Room Camp Ep. 8-3Episode 8

At least Aoi isn’t talking about the Black Lizard Planet.

Room Camp Ep. 9-3Episode 9

Poor girls can’t even afford Chikuwa’s screentime.

Room Camp Ep. 10-2Episode 10

Laid-Back Witch Project

Room Camp Ep. 11-2Episode 11

What a twist.

Room Camp Ep. 12-1Episode 12

I wouldn’t have this end any other way.

Room Camp Special 1 FI (Temp.)Special

Best Girl wasn’t in “Room Camp” a whole lot because this special hogged her screen time.

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