Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) – Ep. 5

In this episode, Ena joins Chiaki and Aoi for a camping trip to Lake Yamanaka. Along the way, they get some stuff at a Caribou and buy kiritanpo and wakasagi ingredients for dinner. It’s only until the end of the episode that they make it to their destination. Nadeshiko and Rin have work so they unfortunately can’t make the trip. Chiaki plans to send the two pictures of the trip to make them jealous though I kind of doubt that’s how it’ll go. Like, maybe Nadeshiko will be a little envious but she’s more likely to be happy for her friends. I doubt Rin is going to care all that much.

I got a little surprised to see Ena tag along, especially given that this is the first Outclub adventure since the Christmas trip. With how uncommitted she is with her membership, I half-expected her to not camp until the season finale. Even Ena herself admits she’s surprised, acknowledging her decision to join as a spur of the moment. Evidently, the Christmas trip had a very strong impact on her. Now, whether or not this means she’ll join the Outclub for real remains to be seen. She might still joke that she’s still busy with the going home club. And if she finds out about the storage closet (I don’t believe she has), she might be tempted to put her application on hold just to mess with her friends. I kind of hope that happens because that would be pretty darn funny.

Having Ena instead of Nadeshiko certainly changes the group dynamic a bit. Ena is nowhere near as energetic as Nadeshiko but she does keep up with Chiaki’s zaniness, joining in on some of her antics. Aoi more or less serves as the straight man this time around. She sadly doesn’t get to troll a lot here but to be fair, I don’t think her lies would work on Ena and Chiaki is harder to trick than Nadeshiko. It’s still really funny seeing Aoi get baffled with Chiaki and Ena’s banter. If anyone’s a troll here, I’d say it’s Ena, as evidenced by her taking awkward pictures of the others and joining Aoi in the one troll the latter manages to pull in this episode.

Has Chiaki always been this bad at planning trips? I don’t remember that being the case in Season 1 or Room Camp but lately, she’s been screwing up. Three episodes ago, she got the wrong time for one of the destinations for New Year’s. Here, she screws up a bunch. First, she gets the time wrong for the first bus the gang needs to board. Then, Aoi and Ena hope to go sightseeing, only for Chiaki to reveal she picked a campsite far away from anything of interest. At the end of the episode, Chiaki hopes for the gang to camp at the center of the cake, only to find out that area’s off limits. It’s most likely all an oopsie, and Chiaki does have a penchant for that, but boy is Chiaki not at her A-game. I wonder if the others would’ve fared any better. Maybe Aoi. Ena might be too lazy to do any planning at all.

Instead, “Inuinu Inuko-san”, Laid-Back Camp treats us to a Rin-centered post-credit segment called “Shima Shima Shima Rin”. I’m guessing there’s no set name for these segments. Not that it really matter in the first place. Although I got to say, this show sure is getting creative with names. I want to see it name a segment after the other characters. For this segment, Rin has a nightmare where she can actually hear all the animals and inanimate objects talk with their squeaky voices. While am I alarmed that she still went ahead and set some firewood ablaze, Rin does immediately feel remorseful as the materials scream their final words. This definitely goes down as one of Laid-Back Camp‘s most meta bits. The only way things could get more meta is if Rin realizes she’s in an anime.

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