Laid-Back Camp – Ep. 10 (Original)

It may have taken a whopping ten episodes but we got some new additions to this eternally broke club!

I’m particularly happy that Ena is finally getting her screentime. There’s just something about her chilled outlook on things that I find charming…that and she has a really adorable pet dog. I actually laughed when, in a text message, Rin asks if Ena was just sleeping in her room for the day. Honestly, I’m convinced that’s what she’s been for the whole show up until recently. Also funny is that Ena is a new member of the Outdoor Activities Club and yet she seems to have more money at her disposal than any of the three veterans combined.

It never ceases to amaze me just how freaking cheap this club is. It didn’t even dawn on me that they could exchange gifts for the holidays until Ena brought it up but lo and behold, it seems like the newbie is the only one who could afford presents. For crying out loud, it sounds like all the food for the trip is just the meat Aoi’s job gifted her and whatever everyone else finds in their homes. And while gifts is obviously not a mandatory thing to do in Christmas, we all know that Chiaki is just bullshitting her way out of spending money with that friendship speech. Geez, at least give everyone a $1 gift card or something.

Episode 1 began with a flash-forward showing everyone on the Christmas trip so I suppose it was a dead giveaway that Rin would choose to tag along. Still, I had the biggest smile on my face when she decided to join the trip. I like that she initially declines the offer but then reconsiders. Clearly, she still prefers camping solo but once she reflects on her trips with Nadeshiko, she realizes that one group trip wouldn’t be so bad. Furthermore, this episode does have Rin see the disadvantages of camping by yourself. Chiaki needed to pitch in and help Rin reach her destination in time and even when the latter gets there, the weather makes setting up the tent a hassle. None of this compels Rin into pulling a 180 but it’s easy to see why Rin might have become more open-minded about camping in a group.

Another thing that’s been telegraphed prior to this episode was that the drunk lady, Toba, would become the club’s faculty supervisor. I’m not shocked that she is a new teacher at the school because, well, the dialogue from past episodes tells you that teaching is her job. Still, it is a little surreal to see her prior to drinking 12 bottles of beer. She’s far more soft-spoken than I expected and even looks a little flustered when Nadeshiko finds out who she really is (with some really funny doodling to boot). Regardless, I think it’s hilariously awesome that Laid-Back Camp has a drunk camper quota fulfilled. The whole Christmas trip in general is shaping up to be a promising adventure. I can’t wait to see it next episode!

Other Thoughts:

  • I have a friend with two dogs who loves showing me pictures of them and sometimes he texts me them as a way to convince me to hang out with him. I related so much with Ena pulling that same trick on Rin to make her tag along for the Christmas trip.
  • Thank goodness that Toba asked the club why they’re allowed to make fires on school grounds. For the longest time, I was wondering how they have not gotten in trouble for it.
  • Of course, Rin has a cooking press at her disposal. Clearly, this girl’s wallet knows no bounds. Maybe the club just wants her as a member because she has all that gear they could mooch off of.

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