Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) – OVA 1

The Season 2 episode reviews aren’t over just yet. There are still two OVA episodes to cover. Neither episode is available on streaming here in the U.S. so while I normally don’t encourage piracy, your only options are third-party websites and torrents. And not going to lie, I had to do some digging to find fansubs of these episodes. Originally, I was going to save these OVAs for a rainy day but I just found out that these both run for around 5 minutes so I figure I should get just them out of the way. Like with the Season 1 OVAs and Room Camp, I feel silly to give something so short its own episode review but this is technically part of the TV anime so here I am.

This OVA is hosted by Aoi, who introduces a series of strange camping events to the viewer. The fact that Aoi is presenting is perfect framing as all three of the following vignettes are the kind of nonsense that Aoi would make up for giggles. The first one has Nadeshiko and Aoi using a service app to deliver camping equipment to them. This doesn’t sound too weird, there probably does exist such an app as far as I know. That is until Aoi realizes that she forgot to have Chiaki delivered as well (and Chiaki is apparently trapped again in that cardboard sleeping bag from Season 1 Episode 4). Sadly, the OVA does not show Chiaki getting delivered to the campsite though the image of her appearing on the app is outrageous enough to sell the joke and it may actually be funnier to leave the delivery to your imagination.

The second vignette is easily the most surreal as it has Nadeshiko camping solo at the “Distopia Camping Ground”, which is more of a prison camp than the more traditional campsite. The facility alone is surreal enough though what really throws me off is the addition of androids running the facility. Funnily enough, this vignette uses the cardboard sleeping bag again. I like to think its inclusion is from the staff realizing that they can’t come up with a poorer living condition than that.

The third and final vignette is frankly the weakest one. It basically follows the same format as the first one. Nadeshiko has a normal conversation with Rin and proceeds to eat her s’more, only to find out that it’s actually a king trumpet mushroom. I call this the weakest vignette because it’s not as ridiculous as the previous two so I don’t find it as funny. That said, it is the most normal one. With altered context, this could easily fit into the main series.

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