Laid-Back Camp – Ep. 3 (Original)

Note: This review was originally part of a Lightning Round post.

These first few episodes of Laid-Back Camp have hinged a lot on Rin and Nadeshiko’s newfound friendship. That’s hardly a complaint though as I quite like seeing these two camp together. As time goes on, Rin does seem to enjoy camping with others more I like how that shift in attitude is apparent through how she acts around her friend. It’s also hard to deny that Nadeshiko’s energy really does add to the table here. The way she is so passionate about food just makes cooking in the outdoors look so appealing. Honestly, I was getting hungry just watching her cook hotpot (and I already had dinner at the time).

If there is one thing Laid-Back Camp has above a lot of cutesy shows this season, it’s the direction. This may be a slow burn but this show knows how to build up and pay off. It’s just so relaxing and delightful seeing Nadeshiko groggily make her way to the tent before being greeted by a beautiful sunrise against Mt. Fuji. For added effect, this scene gets an extra kick by having Nadeshiko go back to sleep because the sun’s too bright. I don’t know why but that really cracked me up. I can see any camper doing the same after waking up so early for the scenery. Plot density is certainly something one can question but execution is looking to be a strong trait in Laid-Back Camp.

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