Darling in the FranXX – Ep. 12

FINALLY, an episode on a character I actually like.

  • The visit to the Garden was a good bit of worldbuilding though it’s a shame that its screentime was cut short.
  • We’re introduced the special forces squad, the Nines (although the leader, Nine Alpha has shown up before). Only time will tell what kind of role they’ll play though I have a hunch that only Alpha is relevant to the story.
  • Oh yeah, I forgot that Naomi existed in this story.
  • I really like how the characters picture their younger selves playing at the Garden. I am, however, shocked that they’ve only left the Garden a couple of months prior to the start of this series. How are these kids again?
  • I really hate that Kokoro actually brings up the mystery surrounding everyone’s origins and then everyone just calls her weird. That may be the expected reaction but Darling has repeated this cycle of someone offers some food for thought and then it’s just silence immediately after without any continuation. It’s getting a little annoying.
  • Clearly, something happened to Hiro since he’s only able to vaguely recall bits and pieces of his childhood. You’d think his friends would’ve noticed something’s off and help him remember (looking at you Mitsuru). But considering these characters’ track records, that’d probably be asking too much of them.
  • With this being a Zero Two-focused episode, we finally see what her increasing aggression is all about. Apparently, killing more klaxosaurs let her become more “human”. How? Pff, I don’t know. Give the show 10 more episodes to explain that part.
  • I was shocked to find Zero Two treat Hiro like he’s disposable considering how much affection she’s displayed in the past. Has she always felt that way or is this just the product of her increasing need to kill klaxosaurs. It really makes you wonder how much of her feelings towards Hiro, good or bad, is genuine.
  • Damn, Hiro confessed to Zero Two. And here I thought they’d procrastinate on that for 24 episodes.
  • For real, I’m loving Haruka Tomatsu’s performance as Zero Two. It honestly might be among her best work to date. Tomatsu is given the opportunity to really show off her acting range and that in turn sells what a wild card the character is.
  • How exactly was Zero Two able to astral project herself and choke Hiro? Well, there’s a lot of other questions I’ve had to ask in Darling in the FranXX and I have feeling that one is just another to add to the list.

I joked in some parts and to be honest, I think Darling in the FranXX has not been addressing its flaws very well. However, they gave the spotlight back to Zero Two so kudos for that.

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