Informal Life Update

Hi everyone!

I imagine the near two weeks of inactivity was an obvious sign but yeah, I got pre-occupied and had to put blogging on hold. Long story short, it was the final stretch of my education practicum so I was just too busy and exhausted to really indulge in anything nerdy and fun. It sucked in that sense but fortunately, the extra effort paid off. I finished student teaching today and I managed to pass the criteria for securing an educator’s license! It was tough but I’m glad that I didn’t give up and close this career path that I have been considering throughout my undergraduate career. My only regret was not letting anyone who follows this blog know that I was going to take time off. Super sorry about that! You know you’re super fatigued if you’re forgetting something as simple as that.

I still have a couple of things left to do on my college campus but the bulk of the work I had to do for this long and hectic semester is pretty much over. Until graduation and the harsh world that is the job market, I can weeb to my heart’s content for the time being.

There’s a lot of to catch up on.  Originally, the plan today was to get an actual anime post of some kind out today but I actually got sick today! It wasn’t bad enough for me to call in sick (and frankly, I didn’t want to make up for my very last day of student teaching) but it somehow got worse after I got back to my dorm. Slightly off-topic but getting sick in the midst of really warm weather (seriously, it’s 82 degrees Fahrenheit right now) sucks.

Anyway, I’m hoping things will improve tomorrow morning and I can finally catch up on all the Spring anime. For now, be safe, be well (more than me) and have fun!

One thought on “Informal Life Update

  1. I feel you so hard! Congratulations on making it through student teaching! My boyfriend is going on his second year teaching, so I know from his experiences that it’s just tiring to manage. I hope you get an awesome job opportunity as a reward for your hard work!

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