What? Xenodude is Evolving!

To anyone who follows me via WordPress or Email, I’m just letting you all know that my blog is evolving!

I’ve been riding on the Free plan for almost a year now and after some consideration (and a Mother’s Day discount provided by WordPress…), I decided it was time to make this monster grow.

So what’s new? To begin with, I’m starting to use a new theme with some new website features. Most importantly, the main url for my blog is now Xenodude.com and the name of the website is Xenodude’s Scribbles. The name was a particularly more important thing for me to consider. Something about The Xenodude just wasn’t cutting it for me. While I like to think I write cohesive posts, I went with “scribbles” because something about the word going along with my writing just seems self-deprecating and amusing enough for me.

Also, I am trying out WordAds so don’t be surprised if there are ads on the website (unless you use AdBlock in which case, you wouldn’t see it anyway). I should disclose by saying that this blog is still a hobby/side project of mine but since I do want to see it grow, I figured I should consider what new features upgrading the plan bestows upon me. I hope no one’s deterred by this decision.

The only new addition I can think for the blog is adding social media platforms. I actually don’t engage in social media all too much. I currently don’t have a Twitter account and I keep my Facebook profile private. I’ve generally tried to have some degree of privacy with my personal life but lately, I’ve been feeling it’d be more beneficial to have more platforms at my disposal. If I do get, say, a Twitter account, I’ll let you know and plug it into the site.

That more or less sums up what’s going on right now. Getting back into anime blogging is taking a bit longer than I’d hope. I had to deal with moving out of my college campus and to be honest, I still had a bit of a cold this week. Hopefully, I can get back into the full swing of things.

2 thoughts on “What? Xenodude is Evolving!

  1. New evolution, new skills! Wish you the best continuing to make the blog develop into something you really enjoy!
    Also take care in the midst of the transition and the mild symptoms~


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