Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku – Ep. 6

I’m noticing that things can get pretty aimless in Wotakoi which isn’t necessarily a problem — I’m cool with it — but it does make organizing my thoughts on it a bit trickier. Still, I enjoy discussing about the show and while this episode is largely a series of slice of life antics, it’s still a fun ride.

One thing from this episode that I really want to acknowledge are the Kabakura and Hanako moments; specifically the rainy day scene at the beginning of the episode and the restaurant scene at the end. It’s nice to see these two at their sweetest for a change; in fact, there hardly is a moment in this episode where they’re yelling at each other. The rainy scene particularly shows how much they enjoy each other’s company. At first, Kabakura is rushing to grab a limited edition figurine and Hanako bemoans over the weather but after they bump into each other, priorities and moods change immediately. Meanwhile, the restaurant scene highlights how much Kabakura cares about this relationship. He works his butt off so that he can celebrate the holiday season with his girlfriend; something he apparently was unable to do last year and regrets.

Hirotaka and Narumi continue to be a charming couple. I don’t think we’ve learned anything new about their relationship but one of their scenes together once again shows how they are able to support and be honest with one another. It’s a nice gesture on Narumi to try and not worry Hirotaka but also nice is that Hirotaka is willing to lend an ear anyway. That being said, it’s hard not to chuckle with Hirotaka that what was bumming Narumi out was the death of a manga character she likes. I’m sure the pain’s real…but it is a little funny.

It’s nice to see Naoya again. I wasn’t sure if he was just a one-off character but evidently it seems that Wotakoi has something in store for him. Apparently, Naoya is single which surprises Narumi (and me to an extent) as the guy is arguably the most sociable member of the cast. It seems rather intentional to bring it up especially since Wotakoi is a romance anime by nature. Methinks there’s a third pairing looming on the horizon.

I doubt Naoya really needed advice from Narumi; he just seems like a very positive person. Still, that proverb Narumi offers is something. “I hope all the happy people out there explode”. What words to live by. I think Narumi has a point that happiness is not a permanent state…but geez, she has an interesting way of articulating it.

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