The Thousand Musketeers – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

We’ve had anime turn countries, battleships, samurai swords, and horses into pretty teenagers so guns might as well get the same treatment.

I don’t really have much to say about The Thousand Musketeers. It’s about as cookie-cutter as it gets with the whole personified and anthropomorphic (generally) inanimate object trend. Just a minute in and you just know that this anime is based on a mobile game centered around collecting JPEGs, complete with an almost non-existent plot and a cast far too big to follow in a single cour.

Beyond the whole flintlock subject, there’s very little that makes Musketeers stand above its competition. A lot of the characters designs are bland and the animation is competent but lackluster enough to make action underwhelm. It’s not like Kancolle which has pretty solid character designs or Touken Ranbu which had one of its anime adaptations animated by freaking ufotable of all studios. With Musketeers lacking in even those areas, why consider it over the alternatives?

If you’re the biggest diehard for this kind of franchise, then maybe watch Musketeers if there’s nothing else of interest this season. Otherwise, this is a really easy anime to pass on.

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