Seven Senses of the Re’Union – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Imagine if you took the premises of Anohana and Sword Art Online and you put the two together. That’s more or less what Seven Senses of the Re’Union appears to be: a tale of six gaming buddies torn apart after one of them dies only to reunite years later when said departed seemingly comes back as an NPC in the MMO they played. Its an interesting combination to say the least.

Where I think mileage will vary most here is the logistics you have to buy into. To begin with, the MMO the characters play, Union (later renamed Re’Union) has a key feature where when you die, your account dies along with your character. That detail alone is really dumb. Who would want to play a game if what’s at stake is your ability to even play it? Why would a dev implement something that could really mess up its game’s player base? It just doesn’t make sense. Even more mystifying is the fact that Asashi, this show’s equivalent of Menma, is a ghost in a video game. Not in real life; just a video game which involves computer coding and not anything supernatural. That’s kind of logical nonsense that the first arc of SAO threw out. How on Earth could this anime possibly explain this?

To be honest, I couldn’t help but find Re’Union melodramatic. I hate to say it but Asashi’s death is a bit hard to take seriously. The death flag is so blatantly obvious and her dying requires you to accept that she was sad that she can’t play a video game with her friends, most of whom who live in the same town as her. The scene where Haruto, the main character, begrudgingly returns to Union, also lacks weight as preceding it is a really clumsy exposition dump explaining why the game is getting revived. There’s also all the crushes these characters seem to have for each other and it feels like it’s there simply because Anohana did it.  

The whole set-up that Re’Union executes is just clumsy, relying on pretty pretty unrealistic details that only lead to contrived drama. Granted, it’s still the first episode and Re’Union could maybe do something interesting with how everyone reacts to Asashi’s apparent resurrection. If I was to watch more, the next episode or two really needs to sell me on the show.

OP: “360° Hoshi no Orchestra” by petit milady

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