Chio’s School Road – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Back in my Season Preview, I expressed interest in Chio’s School Road but I was also concerned that I’d only find the show funny for about an episode or two. And to be honest, I still feel that way after watching the first episode. I don’t think it’s bad; just not compelling or funny enough to convince me to keep watching.

The central joke is a simple one: Chio (Naomi Oozora) is a young girl trying to make it to school on time and for whatever reasons, her walks go into strange, strange directions. This is demonstrated more so in the first vignette than the second where Chio is forced to use her knowledge on Assassin’s Creed (her version of the game looks way better than ours) and climb onto rooftops to make it to school on time. The second vignette is a lot more normal; just Chio running into her far more sociable classmate Yuki (Kaede Hondo) and trying to avoid an awkward situation with her.

There are a couple of good jokes here and there. The scene where Chio unknowingly exits the garage of a love hotel, for example, is pretty darn funny. Overall though, I wouldn’t exactly say this premiere was a riot. Most of the jokes seem to be slapstick gags at best and the B part of the episode wasn’t nearly as amusing as the A part. I also just don’t care much for the fanservice sprinkled in a couple of scenes. Seeing Chio’s panties or a random lady’s chest bounce contributes very little to the actual jokes that the show is trying to sell.

Part of me wonders if this show would better serve as a short series. Maybe not necessarily 2-4 minutes but a half-hour per episode seems a bit much for a premise this simple. I’d probably come out of this show more optimistic if it was half the current length, either with both stories shortened or just one story enjoying the spotlight. For now, I feel that I’ve already had my fill of this show and I don’t feel too convinced to keep watching it.

OP: “Danger in my Tsuugakuro” by Chio Miyamo (CV: Naomi Oozora), Manana Nonomura (CV: Chiaki Omigawa), and Yuki Hosokawa (CV: Kaede Honod)

ED: “Nanairoad” by Chio Miyamo (CV: Naomi Oozora) and Manana Nonomura (CV: Chiaki Omigawa)

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