Cells at Work! – Ep. 4

You know anime has a weird influence on you if you want to give your cells a hug.

I swear, Cells at Work! is designed to guilt the viewer as much as it serves to educate and entertain them. I already feel bad for all the hard work the Platelets do to fix my body but all these more obscure cells and the abuse they deal with is hurting my soul. We just put our cells through so much shit, huh?

There’s a bit of an underdog vibe to some of the stories Cells tells. Last week we met Naive the scaredy cat and this time around, the spotlight is on Eosinophil (MAO), a lesser-known and highly specialized White Blood Cell. For a while, she came across as a villager from Fire Emblem. She’s got that useless pitchfork and she seemingly has no fighting prowess against germs. Just to add insult to injury, the extras even gossip over how useless she is. It’s such a sad sight to see. Whereas Naive was supposed to be pathetic pre-Jojo, Eosinophil really came across as a co-worker you’d have just trying to make herself useful. I just…I’d say give this poor girl a hug but for once, it’s not just fiction that makes it complicated.

In the end, you do find out that Eosinophil is actually really great at killing parasites (must be a Beast Killer from Fire Emblem) and that does earn her the respect she deserves. It’s a satisfying moment but Cells still gets praise for me for making cells such relatable characters.

It also gets praise for making really strange characters as well. Also introduced in this anime is another specialized White Blood Cell, Basophil. There’s apparently some things real-world scientists are still trying to figure about this type of cell so naturally, this anime proceeds to portray it as a Naruto OC. He just shows up, speaks “wisdom”, and stands around like the mysterious badass that he is. I’m not even sure if he even did anything apart from that and call for back-up. And yet, that seems to be the point anyway! I couldn’t stop laughing whenever this guy showed up. Cells‘ ability to give personality to its subjects still ceases to amaze me.

I still love the locales in this anime. The stomach being a molten lava lake with an eatery and food factory nearby is so on point. I don’t get the geography here. I mean how do you go from bustling urban cities to this? But at the same time, I just find myself rolling with it, just like I do with all the other weird stuff Cells does.

Oh and still not enough Platelets. Cells, you’re killing me with this!

I’m actually still trying to decide if I want to blog about Cells at Work. I just keep thinking I won’t have stuff to say but every week, it still gives me something to think about. Time will probably tell; if I’m still blogging about this by the midseason, then it’s definitely official.

Thanks for reading!

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