Happy Sugar Life – Ep. 3

Everyone in Happy Sugar Life has problems.

No really, is there a sane person in this anime? Asashi is mistrustful and paranoid. Mitsuboshi is insanely creepy. Even Shio who you’d expect to be the anime’s one ray of sunshine, seems to have her own share of abandonment issues and hallucinations. At this point, we’re just left with Satou’s best friend but maybe we should give her some time and find out what her true colors are.

Surprisingly, Satou is starting to feel squarely in the middle of the sanity spectrum. Yes, she almost commits murder this episode and she’s way too happy to realize she can muster envy from that attempt. But compared to Mitsuboshi, for example, I somehow feel way less stranger danger from her. As far as we know, Satou has not done anything awful to Shio and all of her actions, however bad they may be, all involve keeping Shio “safe”. There’s a weird sense of sweetness to Satou’s affection which is something I can’t really say about Mitsuboshi’s obsession over Shio. I don’t want to pin the guy as a villain given what he’s been through but to drool and pant over a girl in a missing poster is goddamn creepy.

Another thing I have to ask is should I even want for Asashi to reunite with his sister? I’ll admit that seeing their father as a literal monster and scribbles drawn over their mother is silly looking but they do suggest that these people were not parents of the year. To be more specific, it hinted that the dad was abusive and the mom outright left Shio behind, hence why the kids don’t remember them as a just people. As sympathetic as Asashi seems, it feels hard to root for the guy given what would happen to Shio.

It’s so stinking weird but as yandere as Satou is, I’m kind of left to root for her. I honestly hope that she’ll find Shio in time before those thugs do anything to to her. It’s a bit of a “pick your poison” situation. Who would you rather have saving the day? The insane truth is that it’d be Satou.

I haven’t decided on if I’m committed to covering Happy Sugar Life but if the next episode delivers the goods, I’ll probably share my thoughts on it.

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