Cells at Work! – Ep. 6

The whole bit with Red and White as little Erythrocyte and Neutrophil is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen all year. They’re not Platelets (God, I really want to see a Platelet school now) but it’s close on the moe scale. Very close.

I love how much weird stuff Cells at Work! expects you to go along with. I normally associate engineering children and raising them in a facility with dystopian settings so expecting me to interpret Red’s childhood in this daycare of a bone marrow as innocent is pushing things a bit. Even better is how all the Erythrocytes are actually trained at navigating mazes and the art of running away and hiding from germs. Nice to know that this society assigns these roles to people very early in life! That definitely wouldn’t have creepy implications in any other work of fiction at all. None whatsoever.

And yet, I still find myself watching this whole segment going “awwwwww”. Red just looks adorable in her Erythrocyte uniform and there’s so much charm seeing her get lost in a makeshift maze and run away from a White Blood Cell pretending to be a germ. White, meanwhile, just looks like a mini-version of himself as a Neutrophil though what drives the cuteness levels for him is seeing him protect Red and stand up against the Pseudomonas in spite of his powerlessness. I do love that his knife is actually a flimsy piece of plastic though.

This segment does beg the question on how Cells will build off of this revelation. In any other anime, this kind of scenario would leave the potential for a romance to bloom. But considering what the characters technically are, I don’t expect Red and White to actually hook up romantically…not that I would be opposed to such a thing per se. Still, I think this scenario does speak to a theme I’m seeing in Cells. This anime really likes bringing up Red and White running into each other and I’m realizing now that this might be in reference to the idea that we live in a small world. And when you think about it, the human body with its trillions of cells is a perfect backdrop to such a theme.

Regardless, this was a terrific one-off scenario. Frankly, I think it could’ve easily stood as its own episode though I’m not complaining because the second segment is a very enticing build up to the next episode.

Be honest, you all wanted Cells at Work! to talk about cancer ever since this anime premiered. My brother and I have actually been joking about the possibility for weeks so when Cells revealed that a Normal Cell is actually a Cancer Cell, we were ecstatic. We’re so happy to see that this anime is the gift that keeps on giving.

A Cancer Cell zombie shows right at the beginning of this segment though I had a sneaking suspicion about the Normal Cell it was chasing. I mean, the guy is voiced by Akira Ishida. That’s a 50% chance of being evil. And wouldn’t you know, he’s a Cancer Cell this whole time! What a twist.

Also introduced is NK Cell (Toa Yukinari) who kind of looks like Mikasa Ackerman to me what with her muscular build and short hair. I like that she just wears a tank top and khaki shorts, a very different look compared to the uniforms you see most cell types wear. It really sells her lone wolf character. Her banter with Killer T Cell was pretty funny too. Hopefully, her fight scene with Cancer will be an entertaining one.

I’m definitely covering the next episode. In fact, this far in, I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be covering Cells at Work! in its remainder. This anime is too much fun to talk about. No way am I passing on this now.

Thanks for reading!

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