Happy Sugar Life – Ep. 5

Uh oh, looks like someone got the case of the “Notice Me Senpai!” syndrome.


Unlike most senpais though, Satou noticed pretty quickly that her kouhai, Sumire, was fiddling with her stuff. And with the cat out of the bag, Sumire flat out confesses to buying all the same clothes (including underwear…) and make-up that Satou uses and has been trying to figure out where her beloved senpai lives. She’s even reproduced whatever stuff she can’t buy from scratch which is actually pretty impressive barring the whole stalker angle.

Even though Satou could very easily kill her co-worker on the spot (surprised she didn’t just do that…), I still found Sumire to be pretty darn creepy. She’s the first opponent to really try to get inside Satou’s head and as a result, she’s potentially the closest or most persistent to finding out our “hero’s” secret. Shutting the underclassman up even proves to be problematic as while making out with her makes for an efficient power play and create an ally out of her, it does make Satou guilty for “cheating” on Shio.

That Satou feels guilty about that though does make her confession at the end pretty hilarious. A bunch of murders? Totally fine by her book. Telling a different girl she loves her? Now that’s a sin. The logic is undeniably backwards but then again, that’s Happy Sugar Life for you. I guess seeing Satou and Shio being honest to each other speaks to how strong their relationship at least, even if in a very weird way.

You know, I’m just now realizing that the relative Satou hallucinates is her aunt. I thought it was her mother but now it makes sense why Satou always uses her aunt as a general alibi. Happy Sugar Life is still hush about what the exact deal is with this character though it’s safe to assume that 1) Satou isn’t too fond of the person and 2) her understanding of love is the way it is thanks to that person.

A big stake in this story now is that Shouko, one of Satou’s close friends, has received word of Shio from Mitsuboshi. Naturally, she thinks Mitsuboshi is out of his mind (how many missing posters did this weirdo take?) though I think it’s a smart writing move to potentially pin her to this investigation. Honestly, I was expecting Mitsuboshi to do nothing but wallow in his room. He’s never felt a real threat and there’s no way Satou would have a tough time getting rid of him. Shifting the role of opposition to an actual friend of hers would create a more interesting dilemma.

Come to think of it, I’m surprised Shouko is still the normal one in this story…eh, give it a few more episodes.

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