Magical Girl Raising Project – Ep. 3

A shame that death wasn’t covered in the Terms of Conditions. Then again, you’d have less Magical Girls recruited, let alone to kill off.

We’re still in the set-up phase with Magical Girl Raising Project though this episode definitely make made it a bit more obvious what direction this anime ultimately aims to take.

Following the death of Nemurin, word gets out quickly that losing your powers will result in your death. It’s Weiss Winterprison (Yu Kobayashi) who catches Fav spilling the beans in the chat log though Ripple is also quite the supersleuth herself when she spots a news article about Nemu’s death. To be honest, I’m baffled that it never it occurred to anyone to consider what happens when you lose your powers. I mean, what if one day, you just decide to quit the job? It’s not like being a magical girl pays the bills. I’m admittedly nitpicking here though. What’s important to take from this development is that now everyone will be on their feet more than ever to avoid getting last place.

One magical girl who is especially keen on this goal is Ruler who has taken upon herself to find tasks for her lackeys to fulfill. Wait, that sounds too generous. With how Ruler generally conducts herself (i.e. rude and pompous), it’s more like she’s handing out freebies to her subordinates and she expects a favor out of it in return. With how condescending she is to everyone, you have to wonder what’s making her care. I mean, if there’s anyone Ruler wants to make sure is in the safe zone, it’s definitely herself.

When I originally watched this episode, I thought it was maybe the utility her subordinates offer to the table though it doesn’t seem like Ruler is too fond of that either. I personally think being able to dig really well sounds neat but Ruler doesn’t, hence why poor Tama (Asuka Nishi) is the subject to a lot of abuse. Much more likely then is the allure of being “Ruler”. She likes being in charge of a group, hence why she’s impressed with the obedience Swim Swim (Inori Minase). I’d buy it, I mean it would be hard to maintain a leadership if everyone you’re leading dies.

Regarding the subordinates themselves, they’re a little hit or miss for me right now. Tama I instantly liked if only because I like her puppy motif and her desperation to be a team player is charming. The Peaky Angels, Minaelle (Risae Matsuda) and Yunaelle (Satsumi Matsuda), I find to be pretty annoying though. They’d rather eat food and play video games than actual do work and they fail to understand why Snow White is so popular. Instead, they just make a video on Youtube and expect that’ll land them in first place. As for Swim Swim, she appear to be pretty stoic but I remember her getting really interesting so I’d keep an eye on that one.

Just as an aside, I’m sure people will be glad to get see all that garbage gone but burying it sounds like a major environmental hazard.

How convenient of the Magical Girl Raising Project app to add the ability to transfer candies to other magical girls. Why, it’s almost like whoever is running this wants the bloodshed to happen sooner! And sure enough, Ruler recognizes the competitive edge this mechanic brings as she plots to steal Snow White’s candy to survive the next culling and eliminate one pesky opponent. I was never convinced that our hero had death flag on her head during this but I do remember the events of next episode having some interesting developments. Looking forward to rewatching it.

SimulDub Comments

Just some quick ones:

  • I still really like Emily Neves’s British accent for Ruler and everyone else in that gang seems to have some appropriate casting to them.
  • Having Inori Minase (Kimari!) as Swim Swim was such perfect casting but I’m still liking Bryn Apprill in the role. The register sounds older but that’s fine.
  • Funimation keeping Magicaroid 44’s robotic filter was to be expected but I’m still happy to hear in the dub. Steph Garret sounds just as conniving as Satomi Arai did.

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2 thoughts on “Magical Girl Raising Project – Ep. 3

    1. Heh, I just assume it wasn’t there because in Episode 1, the accept screen was just Fav asking, “HEY, WANT TO BE A MAGICAL GIRL?” and Koyuki just presses yes.

      If it’s there, I can’t deny it is pretty realistic that no one in the cast read it. If only…

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