Happy Sugar Life – Ep. 7

What a rabbit hole Satou’s life is.

Not going to lie, I really enjoyed this episode of Happy Sugar Life. I’d even go as far as to say that this is my favorite episode from the show so far. The big key to its success is how it subverts your expectations. At first, it would appear that Satou intends on luring Shouko to her apartment for a clean kill. Once the cops appeared though, it would then seem that this is where things will start to fall apart for our yandere. What we got instead though takes the cake.

It is surprising to discover that Satou’s aunt is alive and well(?). I honestly thought the aunt was dead the whole time, maybe even killed by Satou herself. It really didn’t cross my mind that the apartment Satou and Shio have been living in was separate from the aunt’s place, about nine floors above it in fact. Knowing that the aunt is alive though soon begs the question. With such a perfect alibi, you have to wonder why Satou doesn’t always use it. For that matter, if the aunt is alive, why is no one able to reach her. What makes this all work is how reluctant Satou is to rely on this plan.

Simply put, that lady is out of her mind. No wonder Satou became the girl we now know and love(?). Her aunt has a deranged understanding of love, obsessed with loving and being loved no matter the emotional or physical baggage that whoever she bangs brings to the table. You practically see this trait on display as she constantly hits on the cops; they keep rejecting her advances but she just keeps advancing anyway. While, Satou’s love for Shio is creepy no matter how you look at it, the new information does contextualize it. All of Satou’s past flings was her efforts to find actual love, only to reflect what she’s learned from her guardian. Now that she has Shio, she doesn’t want to ever lose that feeling, hence why she’ll go full yandere if need be.

One can assume that the reason why the aunt is so hard to contact her is because she is off doing her own thing by default. Still, I’d take note of the way she acts to Satou. It’s alarmingly dismissive. When Satou appears for the first time in who knows how long, her aunt doesn’t ask where she’s been or even how she’s doing. She just lets her niece in and out of the apartment like it’s nothing. It just feels weird; even if Satou told her aunt that she’s living upstairs, it creeps me out how much the latter goes with the flow.

What does this reveal say about Satou’s friendship with Shouko? For the former to swallow her pride this one time and reveal the one thing that she’s ashamed, clearly she must trust her friend a great deal. And yet, it’s pretty cruel of Satou to ask Shouko to forget the truth she just dished out and act like nothing happened. I supposed it’s better than getting the axe but this is going to weigh on the poor girl’s conscience for a while, especially when you consider her insecurity.

I can’t say I’m surprised Satou knew Kitaumekawa-sensei followed her. The guy admittedly made this presence a little obvious with his orgasms but I doubt anyone watching thought this was the catalyst to our protagonist’s potential downfall. The power play Satou exercises is still an amusing one as she leaves her teacher with more questions and remind him that it’d be wise not to piss her off any further. Come to think about it, Satou’s plan today might even shut Mitsuboshi up since any information he expects from Shouko will confirm Shio’s whereabouts. I love how smart and/or lucky this girl is.

If I had to make one nitpick with this episode, it’d be in regards to the direction of the post-credit scene. It’s probably (or rather, most definitely) just me but I got One Room vibes from this moment. The POV gimmick feels out of place and concealing the identity of who Satou killed for her apartment feels unnecessary since it’s presumably someone we never met before. That said, this does leave me anticipating for the next episode…and to be honest, Kana Hanazawa playing a yandere in One Room would be amazing. Someone greenlight this.

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