Cells at Work! – Ep. 9

I’m not the biggest JoJo fan but surely that scene where young Killer T practices his punches was a IoJo reference. Maybe having Daisuko Ono voice the character is throwing me off.

So we got ourselves another T Cell focused episode and I’ll admit that I was pretty skeptical. Last time they got most of the spotlight was Episode 3 which, while not bad, it was certainly one of Cells at Work‘s weakest offerings. And it pains me to say it but the same could kind of be said about Episode 9. Not awful but hardly the most memorable episode in this anime. Maybe I’m just biased. I do sorely miss Red and White whenever they’re both absent and once again, Cells is killing me with the lack of Platelets (though those kids did get one hilarious cameo at the end of this episode).

To be more positive, I did find the rivalry between Helper T (Takahiro Sakurai) and Killer T a decent change of pace, especially since it’s the first time they’re interacting with each other. Who would’ve thought Helper T was much better at fighting. Considering all the times he’s eating cookies and constantly spamming warnings to the denizens of the human body, he seemed more of a joke character. Then again, you’d think a body would want the most competent T Cell leading the army. I certainly hope mine did.

For all their bickering, these men do seem to have a modicum of respect for one another. Killer T recognizes that Helper T suits the commander role quite well while there’s something about the former’s refusal to give up and brashness that the latter acknowledges. Clearly, Helper T cares about his peer enough if he was giving tips on how to pass the final exam. If there’s one thing they see eye to eye over, it’s that neither will admit the true nature of their friendship. Both men throw a fit upon discovering that Dendritic Cell (what a troll) is sharing some old photos with the Naive T Cells.

If you ask me, I think Regulatory T Cell (Saori Hayami) isn’t used too well to Cells at Work‘s advantage. You get a sense that she’s a middle ground of sorts between Helper and Killer in that she is both good at fighting and paperwork. Honestly, why isn’t she leading this army? But for the most part, she’s just a background character who vaguely shows concern for her peers but largely does her own thing. Maybe I’m reading things wrong here but I just feel that this character could’ve been a lot more interesting.

Oh well, not every episode in every anime is going to be winner. Again, this is not a bad episode by any means. Cells at Work! at its worst is still pretty enjoyable. Still, I hope the next episode will be better…and/or has more Platelets.

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4 thoughts on “Cells at Work! – Ep. 9

  1. I’m glad it wasn’t just me feeling that this episode was a bit on the weaker side. I thought maybe I was just being mean because I didn’t get my cute fix for the week, and there’s nothing particularly wrong with the episode, but a lot of the appeal of the show just isn’t there.

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  2. They spent a LOT of time on Regulatory T Cell – but it was all a waste (at least within the context of this ep), because they did nothing with her. But yeah, overall one of their weaker outings. I’ve never been a fan of eps (of any anime) where side characters are suddenly (and pointlessly) given the spotlight.

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    1. Given Cells’ setting, there’s all sorts of different cells you could focus on but yeah, you’re right. A supportive cast isn’t worth exploring if they’re not that strong. Honestly, I was started to think this episode was filler and not even good filler. At that point, it makes the cast’s potential rather moot.

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