Happy Sugar Life – Ep. 9

There was some stuff happening on my end (nothing bad for the record) for the past couple of days but somehow, I almost forgot about Happy Sugar Life despite managing to get to the other anime on my blogging lineup. Thank goodness I remembered to watch it because this was a clear calm before the storm. After some solid plot developments, the bloodshed officially begins.

As to be expected, Satou’s plan to cleanly remove Asashi from the picture fails. Had it worked, we probably would have the most slice of life horror-themed anime in existence and we all know we can’t have that. I would pin the blame all on Mitsuboshi though that’s maybe because I just really like treating him as Happy Sugar Life‘s punching bag. In his defense, who would’ve thought that if Asashi thought long and hard enough, he’d figure out that something about Mitsuboshi’s info was suspicious.

The real detriment to the plan proved to be Shouko. Not only does she correctly deduce Mitsuboshi’s involvement from Asashi’s description, she also convinces Asashi not to go through with heading out to find Shio. Sure, the boy does need to find his sister but Shouko has a point. If it’s killing him, it might be worth putting less priority to it. Oh and I guess, Shouko confessing her feelings to Asashi also does the trick. To be honest, the logic of putting a search on hold because there’s now a cute girlfriend to attend to is, well, odd to put it mildly. Then again, I think the real purpose is to wave that death flag even harder now.

Of course, it’d be Shouko who’d be the first to uncover Satou’s real secret. The timing is so perfect as Satou is at a peak of happiness with Shio, even agreeing to plan a wedding with her; and just when she heads out, you can take a guess who stops by. It is a bit odd that Shouko was on the right floor. I mean, the trick with the aunt two episodes ago did in fact, work. Maybe the aunt spilled the beans; otherwise, why even cut to her during the climax of the episode? Also, did that male cop from Episode 7 actually take up on the aunt’s offer for sex? Why was his hat there?

The ending of Episode 9 feels akin to the One Room-esque scene from last episode. Interesting approach but the execution only almost hits all the marks. I really like that Shio and Shouko’s confrontation was inaudible during the credits. It ultimately doesn’t matter what these two say as you know Satou won’t truly open up and Shouko’s fate was pretty much sealed before she was forced into the apartment. That you end up hearing some of the lines in the end feels like a massive mistake, diminishing the effects of what makes this conversation work in the first place.

Overall, I really liked the role Shouko served. If Satou is the protagonist of the story than Shouko is the antagonist, or at least the first legitimate one in the story. Not only did she prove to be a wild card, she was also an antithesis to her friend’s understanding of love. It’s a genuine feeling of affection on Shouko’s end; nothing sexual like Kitaumekawa or obsessive like Sumire. It’s the only natural bond Satou ever had in her life and what’s unsettling is that she never recognized it. She did try sparing Shouko but in the end, she looks empty performing the kill. What a chilling way to kill Shouko too. I could’ve done without the red filter but a lot of feelings are effectively conveyed here. Satou’s apathy is obvious but Shouko’s struggle and tears tell you so much. She’s so conflicted in her final seconds of life; betrayed but also confused and heartbroken at who her friend truly is.

I suppose things will go downhill from here since Asashi did get his would-be girlfriend’s picture of the lovebirds. Then again, Satou already had her murder sights set on him and be honest, can this scrawny boy really put much of a fight? I’m curious what kind of struggles Satou will face, if there’s any, but one thing is for sure: there’s no going back. The killing spree has begun.

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