Fall 2018 Season Preview

Disclaimer: This post will be updated accordingly as more official English titles, release dates, and/or simulcast information gets announced.

Another anime season, another preview where I share what’s stand out to me the most.

I am worried that 2018 will end in a bit of a whimper as far as anime is concerned. If you ask me, this year peaked early in Winter and evened out in Spring. Summer admittedly isn’t over yet but I said it was only mildly enjoyable in my Midseason Rankings and it’ll probably be the same case for my Final Rankings. It wouldn’t surprise me if Fall 2018 follows suit.

I’ll admit that there are few upcoming anime that I am very hopeful for but in general, finding shows to be even remotely interested in was pretty tough. And as far as anticipation, it’s a lot of the “safe bets”. The usual isekai anime, the usual imouto anime, you name it. Of course, this is just a preview. You never truly know how a season will fare until it happens and Lord knows that I really do want it to be good one, especially since it’s finishing off the year.

Anyway, let’s all take a peak at Fall 2018…

Hype Level Breakdown: 

  • High – Anime that I really want to watch right now but alas, I must wait for it to air on TV. The one show that stands out the most, even in this group also gets “Most Anticipated” added to its hype level.
  • Mild – The show just looks pretty good or fairly average to me for one reason or another though I’m nevertheless still interested in it.
  • Surprise Me – The show frankly looks bad to me or I’m just very skeptical about it. It’s still attracting a modicum of attention or the premise still got my attention so I gave it a spot on the preview.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill

Premieres: September 30 at 22:30 Genre: Action, Comedy, Mystery, Sci-Fi
Studio: Sunrise Source: Original
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

I’m admittedly cheating since Double Decker! premiered on Crunchyroll in advance and I even wrote a First Impressions for it. Still, this anime doesn’t broadcast in earnest until September 30th so it kind of still counts.

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill is the spiritual successor to one of 2011’s biggest hit anime, Tiger & Bunny. Set in a similarly urban sci-fi city, the show follows buddy cops Doug and Kirill who work for Seven-O, a special crimes unit tasked with investigating cases surrounding a mysterious and dangerous drug called Anthem. This anime has a lot to prove itself. For one, it doesn’t have all the big names that worked on Tiger & Bunny and two, many years have passed since the original show aired so interest will vary. Still, I thought the premiere was pretty good so fans of the original hit show should still keep an eye on this spiritual successor.

Akanesasu Shoujo
(The Girl in Twilight)

Premieres: October 1 at 19:30 JST Genre: Action, School
Studio: DandeLion Animation Studio Source: Original
Streaming: HIDIVE Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Akanesasu Shoujo is an original property created to celebrate the Animax channel’s 20th anniversary. The best I can make out of the story details provided is that the anime is somewhat of a cross between Steins;Gate and Black Rock Shooter. A high school research club comprised of young girls perform some experiments and suddenly end up in a supernatural world. There, the main character, Asuka, encounters a girl who suspiciously looks a lot like her. Interestingly, the premise is conceptualized by writer Kotaro Uchikoshi, best known for his work on the Zero Escape series. This series might be worth keeping an eye on.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken
(That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Premieres: October 2 at 0:00 JST Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Isekai
Studio: 8bit Source: Light Novel
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

I really want the isekai genre to take a break but to be fair, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is looking to be one of the genre’s more distinctive iterations airing this year. At the very least, I don’t know how many isekai anime have dared foregoing a good looking teenage boy in favor of a monster straight out of Dragon Quest. The light novel also has a respectable reputation backing it up so hopefully the anime is deserving of the buzz it’s garnering.

Sora to Umi no Aida
(Between the Sky and Sea)

Premieres: October 4 at 0:00 JST Genre: Adventure, Space
Studio: TMS Entertainment Source: Video Game
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Sora to Umi no Aida is set in a future where all the fish disappeared and while no one’s proven the existence of aliens, governments around the world are training teenagers to go fishing in space. I don’t recognize any names attached to this anime but with a premise like that, I have to at least try it.

Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai
(Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

Premieres: October 4 at 2:15 JST Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
Studio: CloverWorks Source: Light Novel
Streaming: Crunchyroll | Funimation | Hulu Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

I swear this anime didn’t catch my attention because it had a cute bunny girl in the promotional materials…okay, maybe a little bit.

Honestly, the premise of Seishun Buta Yarou stands out even more. A young boy named Sakuta Azusagawa catches his classmate and famous actress, Mai Sakurajima dressed as a bunny girl but he’s the only one able to see her in this outfit. Soon, he learns that Mai has this thing called “puberty syndrome” which I can only assume is literal chuunibyou and she’s not the only character that apparently has it. I’m lost but it’s strange enough to make me want to try it. The light novel also has a fairly positive reception from what I can tell and clearly it must be becoming a big deal if a movie is already greenlit.

Zombieland Saga

Premieres: October 4 at 23:30 JST Genre: Supernatural
Studio: MAPPA Source: Original
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

This pick is a big shot in the dark; I almost didn’t include this one since details were scarce up until the 10th. As title suggests, Zombieland Saga is about zombies but what kind of take it’ll offer is left pretty vague. Considering how stale zombie medias has gotten, perhaps the stakes are terribly high anyway. What does strike out to me about this are the character designs. They’re very cute, bizarrely so given the premise. Methinks this will have a very campy feel and if that’s the case, consider me interested. I also like studio MAPPA and Cygames (a company worth keeping an eye on) is attached as a sponsor as well.

Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san
(Ms. vampire who lives in my neighborhood.) 

Premieres: October 5 at 21:00 JST Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural
Studio: Studio Gokumi & AXsiZ Source: 4-koma
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Remember when vampires were scary? Neither do I…

Then again, this isn’t the first time the supernatural has been moe-fied nor will it be the last. And Tonari no Kyuuketsuki-san seems innocent enough; the story of a young vampire girl who means no harm and simply wants to live her days indoors as an otaku. A very relatable goal if you ask me. I’m convinced the CGDCT genre is still in a slump after Yorimoi and Yuru Camp but I’m still finding shows to enjoy so I hope this will fit the bill.

Yagate Kimi ni Naru
(Bloom Into You) 

Premieres: October 5 at 21:30 JST Genre: School, Shoujo Ai
Studio: TROYCA Source: Manga
Streaming: HIDIVE Hype Level: High – Most Anticipated
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Bloom into You is a story about a new high school student who finds out that a member of the student council has fallen in love with her. Already, I can just see the Citrus comparisons being made on the internet. For crying out loud, these girls even have the same hair colors!

But in all seriousness, I have heard really good things about the Bloom Into You manga. It’s often remarked as one of the better shoujo ai stories to come out in recent history. Just to be sure, I even went ahead and started reading the manga and…yeah, it is pretty great. It has a very down to earth tone and a nice perspective about having a meaningful relationship. Consider me most interested in this anime.

There’s also an interesting mix of experienced people and industry newcomers attached to this project. I’m not too familiar with director Makoto Katou but Jukki Hanada is a veteran screenwriter, having worked on Princess JellyfishLove Live!Steins;Gate, and Yorimoi to name a few. His involvement definitely makes me hopeful.

Hinomaru Sumo

Premieres: October 5 at 22:00 JST Genre: Martial Arts, Shounen, Sports
Studio: Gonzo Source: Manga
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Sumo is one of those facets of Japanese culture that is so fascinating and yet, surprisingly, you don’t see a whole lot of anime centered around it. On that premise alone, Hinomaru Zumou has me pretty interested. Plus, it’s about high school boys pursuing the sport which is not an age group I don’t think people first think of when they think of sumo. Add on some pretty positive reception and this is easily one of the more curious new arrivals for Fall 2018.

Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara
(Iroduku: The World in Colors)

Premieres: October 6 at 1:55 JST Genre: Drama, Magic, Supernatural
Studio: P.A. Works Source: Original
Streaming: Amazon Hype Level: High
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

It’s rare for me to get super excited for an original property since you can’t get any more uncharted than that. However, the premise of Iroduku Sekai no Ashita kara has me hooked even on paper.

The show stars a young girl named Hitomi, a member of a family of witches from the future, who lacks emotions and has lost her sense of color when she was little. Her grandmother, Kohaku, decides to send her to present-day and from there, Hitomi befriends a younger Kohaku and various other people from that time. There’s a lot of potential with this plot. Potential regarding Hitomi’s journey of self-discovery, how she interacts with people from a different time period, and the interpersonal drama between those characters. If the staff play their cards right, I think they got themselves a winner here.

Also, not going to lie but the PVs have been insanely gorgeous. At this point, P.A. Works is rivaling with KyoAni and Ufotable for best and most consistent animation.

Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
(Boarding School Juliet)

Premieres: October 6 at 1:55 JST Genre: Action, Romance, Shounen
Studio: LIDEN FILMS Source: Manga
Streaming: Amazon Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

You ever read or performed Romeo & Juliet and wished it was a shounen action comedy anime? No? Well, too bad. It looks like we’ll get it anyway.

The idea of taking the classic star-crossed lovers premise and turn in into an academy anime where factions of students fight each other is utterly absurd. Still, there are some experienced staff involved, including lead writer Takao Yoshioka (Elfen Lied, Demi-chan, MahouIku). If this anime expresses complete ownership of its silly premise, then maybe I’ll bite.


Premieres: October 6 at 17:35 JST Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Studio: Lerche Source: Manga
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Oddly enough, Radiant is an anime based on a French comic published in Japan. Go figure. In terms of plot, the show frankly looks pretty generic to me. Just a young boy with a magical power journeying to a mystical land. You know, the template for the adventure and shounen genres. Why this has been getting attention eludes me but I’ll reserve full judgment until the show actually air.


Premieres: October 7 at 1:00 JST Genre: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Studio: Trigger Source: Tokusatsu
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

An animated re-imagining of a tokusatsu from the 90s. That Studio Trigger is attached, even if in a strictly animating capacity, has me super wary. I’m burnt out on their track record. Little Witch Academia was incredibly uneven and Darling in the FranXX is up there with both versions of Fate/stay night as one of the most disappointing anime I saw to completion. The promos for Gridman do look slick but then again, you could say that about any promo for any work of art.

Goblin Slayer

Premieres: October 7 at 0:30 JST Genre: Action, Fantasy
Studio: White Fox Source: Light Novel
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

There are goblins. There’s a goblin slayer. Do the math.

I have heard that this is a simple fantasy premise done very well so while not the most exciting anime, there’s a good chance it’ll deliver the goods. Plus, after making a superb directorial debut with Girls’ Last Tour, I’ll give anything director Takaharu Ozaki is currently working on a try.  

Release the Spyce

Premieres: October 7 at 2:28 JST Genre: Action, Comedy
Studio: Lay-duce Source: Original
Streaming: HIDIVE Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Release the Spyce honestly screams Princess Principal to me. The premise is very similar; teenager girls who are high schoolers by day and spies by night. The key differences are that the setting is modern-day and there’s apparently actual superpowers involved. I could just rewatch Princess Principal again (*whistling*) but another anime using the same basis in a different way could be a lot of fun.

Ulysses: Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi
(Ulysses: Jean d’Arc and the Alchemist Knight)

Premieres: October 7 at 22:00 JST Genre: Action, Fantasy, Harem
Studio: AXsiZ Source: Light Novel
Streaming: Crunchyroll, Funimation Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

I was about to express high interest over an anime based on Jeanne d’Arc only to then find out it’s some alt history retelling with a male harem protagonist, actual magic and alchemy, and some apparent ecchi content thrown in for good measure. That alone has me mighty skeptical but I also heard some reactions towards the rough cut shown at the Crunchyroll Expo weren’t glowingly positive either. Obviously, the final cut could be significantly better but nevertheless, this really needs to justify the attention it’s been garnering.

Anima Yell!

Premieres: October 7 at 23:30 JST Genre: CGDCT, Comedy, School, Sports
Studio: Doga Kobo Source: 4-koma
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Another possible CGDCT anime for the watch list. Anima Yell! is cheerleading themed which actually leaves me a bit skeptical as you can either take the sport seriously or use it as an excuse for moe antics. I guess so long as it’s cute, it’ll suffice for my 1+ CGDCT anime every season niche but I’m still hoping this won’t be a super aimless experience.


Premieres: October 10 at 1:30 JST Genre: Adventure, Harem, Romance
Studio: Gonzo Source: Video Game
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

Conception is based on an RPG that only came out in Japan (though the sequel did get a Western release) where a teenage boy needs to bang girls to make superpowered babies and the sex is legal because it’s through magic. It’s a premise that’s so stupid that I can’t help but be horribly curious about it. If there is a legitimate concern for this anime, it’s maybe the fact it’s based on a video game which continues to be very difficult to adapt for television or film.

Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Nai
(My Sister, My Writer)

Premieres: October 10 at 22:00 JST Genre: Comedy, Imouto, Romance
Studio: NAZ & Magia Doraglier Source: Light Novel
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Surprise Me
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

I am one of those people who wants this whole imouto genre to die the miserable death it deserves but it’s still perpetuating the hype and it’s still selling. To be more specific, ImoImo frankly reminds me an awful lot of Eromanga-sensei in that you have a brother and sister tied to each other via a light novel. The big difference is that the sister is letting her brother take all the credit for her writing? Why? I don’t know but I’m not really in the mood to find out either.

Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu

Premieres: October 22 at 0:10 JST Genre: Drama, School, Sports
Studio: Kyoto Animation Source: Light Novel
Streaming: Crunchyroll Hype Level: Mild
External Links: Official Website | Twitter | ANN | MyAnimeList | Wikipedia

2018 has already been a very active year for Kyoani with Violet Evergarden, Free! Season 3, and Liz and the Blue Bird and it appears that studio isn’t done just yet. Like Free!Tsurune is also about a cast of good looking boys enjoying a particular sport though it’s archery this time so I can’t imagine there being much fanservice. That or maybe it gets super creative…

From my understanding, the light novel of the same name did win a Special Judge Award at the Kyoto Animation Awards in 2016. How much weight those awards mean is difficult to tell but surely the text did something right to grab the studio’s attention. Regardless, I am a sucker for KyoAni so I’ll definitely give this one a shot.

Short Anime:

  • Himote House: A Share House of Super Psychic Girls | 10/8 – Five teenage girls living together in a house with a supernatural cat. Sounds ripe for CGDCT-themed hijinks.
  • Hashiri Tsuzukete Yokattatte. | 10/8 – Young adults studying to become voice actors. Could be fun but I think I’d prefer the same snark and wit Girlish Number benefited from.
  • Jingai-san no Yome | 10/3 – A teenager is engaged to a mysterious creature called Kanenogi. It sounds strange but it also sounds very cutesy so I’m curious.


  • Umamusume: Pretty Derby | 11/14 — Considering Umamusume‘s disc sales, a second season is very likely. Still, an OVA is always appreciated especially for an anime as pleasantly enjoyable as this one.

That’s all, folks! What about you? What upcoming anime are you most interested in? What shows did I not include that you think I should consider? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “Fall 2018 Season Preview

  1. Shamelessly, I’m quite excited just to be getting a new set of anime to watch over the fall of this year. But, on a more collected note, I do have to admit that both “Yagate Kimi ni Naru” and “Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara” caught my attention fairly quickly.

    With the way you described “Irozuki Sekai no Ashita Kara”, I can definitely see the attention it deserves. Like you said, the PV displays undeniably GORGEOUS art, and the plot (text-wise) surely brings one in.

    As for “Yagate Kimi ni Naru”, I’m glad to know that there are more awareness to the Shoujo Ai genre and would appreciate more light-hearted anime like so!

    Another one that caught my attention was “Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet” but that’s mainly because I was always a huge sucker for Shakespeare’s written works.

    Lastly, but not the least, (I’m a little biased about this one haha) I am definitely looking forward to “Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu”. Admittedly, I adore watching shounen school-based sports anime (such as Haikyuu, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Ookiku Furikabutte), so I have high expectations for this one.

    Thank you so much for this post as it served as a great eye-opener of some anime to look out for this season~

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “I am worried that 2018 will end in a bit of a whimper as far as anime is concerned.”

    You’re far from the only one! That’s a pretty common opinion.

    And you’re not a SAO fan? You’re one the few bloggers that haven’t taken an anticipatory stance on it, one way or another.

    As far as what I’m looking forward to… You’ve already read it, but I’ll link it anyhow:

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just putting it out there to everyone reading the comments: go check out DerekL’s own preview for Fall 2018! It’s always worth seeing what other people are interested in and the tweet he included is just great.

      As for SAO, well there’s two reasons why I didn’t include it:

      1) I never finished Season 2 and I have a self policy to not include sequels in my Previews if I’m not all caught up. Cant comment if I haven’t seen what’s required to watch it. It’s also why I didn’t include “JoJo” or “Index” tbh.

      2) And this is why I’ve yet to caught up – I actually really hate SAO. Aincrad was squandered potential and ALfheim was just garbage. I think the show only explores its themes at an insultingly surface level, has a harem because merchandising, and really should’ve been more invested in Kirito and Asuna’s relationship. I know people like it and that’s always cool. SAO just never worked for me.

      To be fair, I actually think Alicization has an interesting premise. Even if I caught up for it though, I’m not sure if I’d want to blog about it every week for a full year, especially if I end up not liking the season at all. It’s the same reason why I ultimately chose not to get around to Attack on Titan S3. I’m really not keen about spending time and energy, keeping up with a popular anime I’m not into. At that point, it just starts to feel like work and unwanted work at that and it’s not like blogging is currently a full-time job for me anyway.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks for the recommendation!

        On SAO, fair enough, not every show is for everyone. Though TBH, the GGO arc is skippable… Mother’s Rosario (eps 18-24) though – I’ll never not recommend that. Partly because it centers on Asuna, partly because it gives hints as to what SAO can really accomplish with it’s VR premise. I’ve often said that if it was a standalone show rather than part of a franchise, it would consistently appear on people’s top lists. If you’ve seen SAO I, you’ve seen all you need to watch it.

        Liked by 1 person

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