Magical Girl Raising Project – Ep. 8

This anime sure loves using flashbacks. I don’t entirely mean that as a bad thing. I had a Lost phase so I am forever a sucker for flashbacks. And like any narrative device, they can be used to great effect. All I’m saying is that it can be a bit too impeccable when there’s a flashback before someone dies, either in the same episode or the one after. And in an anime where you figure most, if not all, of the characters die, the least you could do is not make it predictable. Then again, it does make me anxious sometimes. Why you got to show me how awesome Top Speed is in civilian form, MahouIku? You’re not playing fair!

It was admittedly a coin flip between who would die in Swim Swim’s little ambush: Weiss Winterprison or Sister Nana. I’ll admit that my money was on Nana simply because she seems that easy of a target. The more I thought about it though, the more it made sense to have Winterprison dead as the bare minimum. She is, after all, one of the few combat-oriented magical girls left. Kill Nana and you’re left with someone who would retaliate with brute force. Kill Winterprison, and killing Nana would be that much easier. I got to hand it to MahouIku, there’s clearly at least thought put into who to kill in what order.

I’m curious what’s left for Nana to do now. In a way, she’s now in a similar pinch as Snow White is. She no longer has her protector and in an actual fight, she’d be the first to die. But whereas Snow White has more or less trudged on with her magical duties, Nana has seemingly shut down. She’s all cooped up in her apartment, mourning and understandably so given her romantic relationship with Winterprison. Still, it’s hard to deny that this means she may be out of commission for a while. I can’t imagine seeing her trying to keep her proposed alliance alive now and I think it’s telling that you don’t see her join the big battle teased at the end of this episode.

While Winterprison dies, Swim Swim doesn’t win unscathed. I’ll admit that Yuna getting the axe was actually hard to predict. That’s largely because we didn’t get a flashback to spill the beans but I really did think you’d see both Peaky Angels dead if they were to die. But on second thought, this allows MahouIku to be much crueler for Mina who no doubt, is devastated and wants revenge. Poor Tama is just there, standing awkwardly as she remains the only the sane and decent person in this group. Swim Swim, meanwhile, disturbs me. Her plan to use Yuna’s shapeshifting was a clever trick to ambush Winterprison but lets remind ourselves that she is also a child. For someone this young to consistently plot murder is really scary to think about it. And clearly, Ruler’s influence is still felt to this day. While everyone’s mourning for Yuna, Swim Swim instead bemoans that her plan didn’t work 100%. What is wrong with this girl?

It does seem that the real foe to shift our attention and the one who seriously needs to die is Calamity Mary. I’ll admit that a potential brawl between multiple magical girls sounds awesome but the set-up does cement how amoral Mary is. Killing civilians to attract attention really sets a new low in this story and it’s revolting how much Mary revels in it.

I do find it interesting that we do see flashbacks for both Mary and Top Speed. They kind of contrast each other, in fact. Top Speed is a housewife so caring that I’m honestly convinced that she’s lying about having a rebellious phase as a teen. Conversely, Mary is just scum; a violent and loud drunk complaining all her problems and lash out at what few people try to support her. It seems pretty deliberate to have them both play out in the same episode and whatever the exact intention is, it’s clear that something is about to go down for these two characters.

Other Thoughts:

  • Okay, Hardgore Alice has to be a comic relief character. I chuckled when she immediately showed up to accompany Snow White. Maybe her secret ability is actually stalker vision.
  • A Cranberry vs. Swim Swim fight is mighty promising. Seems like stealing the kill on Winterprison does have at least one huge consequence. I hope this will actually follow through.
  • I’ve never been bothered by the eyecatches spoiling the civilian identities of the characters though I do admire that this time around, the show kept Cranberry’s a complete secret. I wouldn’t mind if that is actually a point with this character.

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