Happy Sugar Life – Ep. 11

I guess Happy Sugar Life is making things easy for Satou. She’s got a plan set for fleeing the city with Shio, has her aunt to help, and some of the obstacles that remains seem to be fizzling out on their own. Granted, it’s possible this is all just setting things up so that everything will come crumbling down in the finale. For now though, the whole episode just feels a little odd as it seems that Shouko’s death has left less an impact as I had hoped.

Really, the only big consequence that came out of that is that you now have Asashi on Satou’s tail. It makes sense to make him an antagonist for this final stretch but I would be lying if I said seeing him wield a baseball bat wasn’t funny. That’s last weapon I’d picture this scrawny kid to use. Frankly, I think he is more intimidating when he takes a page from his dad and threatens to rip Mitsuboshi’s fingernails off if the latter doesn’t cooperate.

Speaking of Mitsuboshi, I really enjoyed watching him act as a sort of double agent only to betray that alliance as soon as possible. In the end, the only devotion the boy truly feels is towards Shio so it’s very in-character for him to keep Satou’s “address” to himself instead of relaying it to Asashi as promised. That Mitsuboshi accidentally ends up in Satou’s aunt’s department because the address is of course inaccurate is delightfully cruel on Happy Sugar Life‘s part. It’s kind of poetic even; this boy has selfishly pursued the one thing that “purifies” him but he ultimately ends up with his worst fear: a woman who would take sexual advantage of him. We’ll see what the finale has in store but all things considered, this would be a very fitting end to Mitsuboshi’s arc.

By far, my favorite scene in the whole episode is the confrontation between Satou and her aunt. Satou asking help from her deranged relative is a little surprising but I was more startled with the aunt going along with it. I don’t know, she just seems like a completely free agent but I guess so long as something involves love, she’ll can keep a secret. The argument these two characters have about what is love is a bit silly since ethically speaking, both characters are wrong. I’m pretty sure being a yandere and having an unhealthy masochistic streak are both outliers in the romance spectrum. Oddly enough, why both characters take fault with the other does have some truth to it. Satou is indeed a teenager thinking prematurely and her aunt is an adult with a lot of sexual experience. In a weird way, this scene is both right and wrong at the same time.

And now we’re down to one episode of Happy Sugar Life. Will everything work out for Satou or will it all come crashing down? There’s only way to find out…

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