Double Decker! Doug & Kirill – Ep. 2

Surprisingly, the second episode of Double Decker! Doug & Kirill actually showed up on Crunchyroll the day the first episode airs on Japan. A bit odd; I’m not sure what strings are being pulled and in terms of blogging, my schedule got thrown off a bit (hence why I’m a few days late). Oh well, I’ll take it especially because this episode turned out to be a huge step up from the premiere.

Simply put, I think this episode really nailed the zany comedy this anime is aiming for. The first episode I only thought was mildly funny but this was much more of a riot. I think the big key to success is actually how the plot progress. I mean, this case of the week involving escaped convicts and a warehouse full of monkeys with water bottles is weird no matter how you look at it. But how you even get from point A to point B astounds me even more than the concept. I’m with Kirill, how does Doug even come up with all his deductions? I know he’s the veteran cop but how many detectives out there can deduce the location of criminals by looking at a map and calculating swim paths. That or realize the monkeys were a false flag since they had water bottles near their cages. Granted, this all does add up and I don’t really find any plot holes. It’s just wow, this is one hell of an equation to follow.

Also, now that set-up is out of the way, Double Decker! is more able to let Doug and Kirill’s chemistry shine. These two are very much following a traditional buddy cop routine with Doug following protocol and Kirill wanting to play hero at any given opportunity. There is some amusing subversion though. Doug may be more experienced and skilled but as I’ve mentioned last paragraph, his brain sure seems to be an enigma. Meanwhile, I honestly expected Kirill to do more of the dumb stuff that would happen in this show but as time goes on, he actually seems more like the straight man in this situation. Furthermore, the banter between these two men is pretty great. I’ll confess to laughing pretty hard when Kirill was explaining his sister’s disappearance to Doug, only to find out that his partner wasn’t paying attention at all.

If I had one nitpick with this episode, it’s maybe the non-conflict surrounding Kirill. The objective is to prove to his worth as a member of Seven-O in one week or else he gets fired due to Travis’s negligence as a boss, but the plot just fizzles out at the end. Even though it is true that Kirill didn’t do a whole lot, he’s still kept on the team and even receives an official Seven-O uniform. It just feels a bit odd in terms of providing a compelling conflict. That said, Travis’s behavior at the end does suggest that something is up so maybe this wasn’t all in vain.

So far, I think Double Decker! is on the right course and if stays at this rate then I think I got myself a mainstay for Fall 2018.

OP: “Stereo to Monologue” by KiRiSAMe


ED: “Buntline Special “by Vickeblanka


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