Double Decker! Doug & Kirill – Ep. 3

Huh, I guess Kirill is officially code-named “Buzz-cut”. I half expected his code-name changing to be a running joke. Eh, maybe give it another episode and see what happens.

Anyway, this episode is also a solid outing for Double Decker! Doug & Kirill. It’s not as zany as the episode before it but the trade-off is that this seems to be the first real step towards an overarching story. Doug and Kirill are joined by Kay (Chika Anzai), another rookie who joined Seven-O in Episode 1 (and technically got Kirill’s job?) in investigating a factory over suspected drug dealings with a mysterious criminal named the Bamboo Man. That character does appear briefly at the end of the episode though only the crooks of the week get apprehended so I imagine this plot thread is far from over.

For now, let’s shift focus on the character development this episode. To start off, Doug sure remains to be an enigma. There’s no crazy deductions this time around but what is peculiar is how the man treats Kirill. For a while, it kind of did look like he wasn’t terribly attached to his new partner. He refrains from publicly calling Kirill his partner, doesn’t get won over with simple treats such as donuts, and very often gives critical feedback to Kirill’s detective skills. To be fair, Kirill does seem to be very naive. In this episode, you see him jump to conclusions — foolishly believing the sympathetic testimonies of a factory worker who turns out to be the drug dealer and taking sides in a conflict he should act neutral over.

As time goes on though, it becomes clearer that all Doug is really doing is mentor Kirill. he is openly critical of his partner but he always does so very calmly. And while some…well, most of Kirill’s deductions are too based in “detective’s intuition”, he is sort of on track at some points and Doug ends up keeping them in mind and figuring out that his findings were red herrings planted by the drug dealer. Deep down, he does see Kirill as his partner. The end of the episode makes it the most apparent; not just in a blunt line of dialogue but also in him providing a gun that suits Kirill’s flashy taste that also won’t get him killed. I suppose Doug just wants his partner to feel like he’s earning such acknowledgement and to be the cop he can be. Whatever the case, it seems to be working.

Part of me is a little disappointed to see what role Kay ultimately takes. I thought maybe this show was going for some sort of rivalry between her and Kirill. No doubt, she’s clearly more trained in detective work than Kirill. For the most part though, her role seems to be just act cute…that said, I can’t complain too much. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was working. Her being a foodie was especially charming both as a quirk but also as a joke that subverts the possibility of her and Kirill hooking up as as well exemplifies Kirill’s gullibility.

Also introduced in this episode is Doctor Apple Takuma Nagatsuka, Seven-O’s technician and armorer. His scenes are brief though I’m hoping he’ll provide some fancy gadgets for the characters to use in the near future. At the very least, it kind of amuses me that he’s the only character besides Travis who insists on the code names.

So that’s three good episodes in a row. We’ll see how things fare again at the midpoint but I think Double Decker! is here to stay in the watch list for now. Blogging I’m less sure about but as always we’ll see what future episodes entail.

Thanks for reading!

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