Bloom Into You – Ep. 4

This episode of Bloom Into You introduces a couple of new character/story threads to look out for which should be a nice trade off to how slowly Yuu and Nanami’s relationship is progressing.

First of all, now that Nanami has been elected Student Council President, one thing she really wants the organization to do is revive an old tradition: perform a play for the culture festival. It’s an odd development to say the least. There’s an Arts Club and a Woodworking Club but no apparently Theater Club. Not to mention, the Student Councils of old were all willing to act. I’m sure something like this can happen in real life but what a strange series of circumstances that I’m expected to roll with.

At least Yuu finds the idea ridiculous. In fact, she seems to be the biggest objector to acting in a play. The other two new members, Maki (Taichi Ichikawa) and Doujima (Shou Nogami), are respectively so-so and optimistic on the idea. For once, you have something that Yuu won’t cave into doing. The student election speech was one thing but this apparently draws the line for her. Not even Nanami bribing her with pocky does the trick (and as I’ve learned from Iroduku, pocky is a powerful means of persuasion). I imagine the play will eventually happen though. It’d be weird if it doesn’t now that it’s been brought up. That leaves the question as to what role Yuu would play though. She seems like someone who would rather work more behind the scenes but knowing Nanami, she’d probably want her onstage with her.

The inclusion of Maki into the cast I found particularly interesting. Admittedly, part of me feels that his desire to witness Nanami and Yuu’s relationship unfold might come across as more selfish than intended. If the boy is hungering for new and exciting love stories, he should just read a book or something. Although to be fair, if Bloom Into You really wanted to go the scummy route, it would have Maki try to blackmail Yuu with the knowledge of her relationship with Nanami. Instead, he planned on keeping the information a secret and readily respected Yuu’s privacy, the latter being afraid of it boding ill for Nanami’s reputation. There’s some nice potential in having Maki be someone Yuu could maybe confide in. He certainly offers an extra perspective on the developing romance. I think he raises a good point: if Yuu is that concerned for Nanami before considering herself, then clearly she must mean something dear to her.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say Yuu is bi-curious. Right now, she doesn’t feel anything romantic towards Nanami and there’s a couple of scenes in this episode where she establishes some boundaries with her. Even so, she has yet to outright reject her upperclassman’s advances. Case in point, she lets Nanami kiss her, explaining that she doesn’t hate kissing by a girl nor she is disinterested in the act.

How curious that Yuu keeps insisting that her actions are normal. I’m noticing that it’s a word she really likes to throw around whenever when defending or justifying herself. Often, it’s in regards to her looking out after Nanami but maybe it’s also referring to Yuu figuring out her love life. After all, exploring your sexuality is a very normal thing to do, especially at a young age. And a number of things Yuu has done with Nanami certainly suggest that on some subconscious level, she is trying to figure out if she can reciprocate the feelings presented to her.

Other Thoughts:

  • Saeki sure looks jealous of Yuu. That there is a scene early one where students think her and Nanami look like a couple is mighty telling too. It’d be interesting if Bloom Into You indulged in a same-sex love triangle.
  • I wonder what Koyomi (Konomi Kohara) is secretly writing at the beginning of the episode. Eh, probably fanfiction.

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2 thoughts on “Bloom Into You – Ep. 4

  1. I think Maki’s interest, while definitely selfish, is kind of there for the sake of juxtaposition. Him being interested in observing real-world love stories and romances, rather than the heavily sensationalized yet nondescript version that Yuu’s been reading/watching. It could make for a neat dynamic between them, given his perspective. It’s an interesting comparison.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Darn it, I somehow forgot about Yuu’s interest in romance stories >_<. Thanks for bringing it up! I was already interested in Maki's role but that parallel makes a lot of sense.


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