The Girl in Twilight – Ep. 4

Whatever weird thing The Girl in Twilight throws at me, I have a feeling the quality of it is going to be on a case by case basis. Magical girls fighting inter-dimensional monsters? I don’t know, it just doesn’t mix well with the dimensional travel and school club aspects. The parallel world set in Wild West Japan? Okay, I don’t know how but I’m somehow able to accept this a lot more.

Believe me, it’s stupid. Just the fact that we’re suddenly in a Western is absurd, let alone the fact that the girls are still in Japan. I’d nitpick and ask how such a thing could happen but perhaps that’s a rabbit hole of which there’s no point of return. But I don’t know, I found myself having a lot of fun with this scenario. Maybe I’m just fond of Westerns and maybe the novelty of it being an anime has something to do as well. It does excite me in that at this point, The Girl in Twilight has left the door open for just about anything now. What’s next? A Feudal era dimension? A post-apocalyptic scenario? They’re all possible at this point and I’m kind of curious to see what’s in store.

A bigger draw though is simply seeing all these different versions of the characters. Chloe and Nana being these Robin Hood type burglars alone is hilarious but what really got me laughing to the point of death was Asuka being a gunslinging bounty hunter. Goodness, I was not mentally prepared for such an image. It’s so damn weird seeing her so act so serious and aggressive. I got to hand it to Tomoyo Kurosawa though; she sounds like she’s having fun playing all these different Asukas in the recording booth.

Yu seems to have gotten the short end of the stick. Her parallel counterpart is just a simple bar maid. This episode does make up for it by formally that version of her who has been giving the Radio Research Club all those frequencies for the 4:44 ritual. Ain’t she a shady character. What exactly is her goal in sending these girls to different dimensions? It doesn’t help she’s dressed similarly to Seriouska so she’s probably one of those magical girl monster hunters as well. At the very least, Asuka needs to exercise some caution. This Yu seems awfully keen about harassing her.

Last but certainly not least you have Mia who is serving as the link to this Wild West dimension. To be honest, it’s really random that she’s even interested in Western. Yes, you see her watch a movie of the like at the beginning of the episode but it feels very last minute as that’s all you’re given in the first place. Even so, I get the thematic connection. Out of all the main characters, Mia is notably left in the background the most and that’s actually a deliberate move by The Girl in Twilight. She’s a reserved girl, one who needs a  big push in order to start advocating for herself. Westerns appeal to her in how characters in those genre would live and fight as free agents. Suddenly being a Deputy Sheriff thus act as that push, forcing Mia to command authority and express it to others in public. Much like Nana, she must confront the biggest flaw to her personality and learn to overcome it.

Something that was sorely lacking in Episodes 2 and 3 was that you don’t get to see a lot of interaction between the girls and their counterparts. I get it, they were going through a new experience and needed to lay low. Still, I thought this episode is a step up since you do get some interaction  this time around. This episode is a step up from that in that you do get to see some interaction this time around. Bounty Hunter Asuka mistakes chloe and Nana for the thieves she’s looking for. Asuka and Yuu associate themselves with the real thieves and are asked to assist in robbing a bank. The confusion and chaos that ensues during these scenes is exactly what I was hoping to see and I enjoyed every bit of it.

As much as I enjoyed this episode, I have a sneaking suspicious that things might go a bit South in the next one. I’m just saying, there is still this whole magical girl plot going on if Nana got her powers then surely Mia will follow suit. I’m a little curious to see what Mia’s powers will look like but frankly, I’m more interested to see if she can successfully pull off being a deputy sheriff for a day.

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