Cells at Work! – Ep. 14 (Special)

Well, this is a surprise. Christmas has already passed and yet Cells at Work! has gifted us a new episode! And on Crunchyroll too so no need to wait for fansubs or anything. I still would like a second season of Cells but no matter. I’ll take whatever more I can get of this series. And of course, I’m here to add one more entry into my series of episode reviews.

You know, Cells at Work! did cover quite a number of ailments. Pollen allergy, food poisoning, hemorrhagic shock, and (most surprisingly) cancer. A lot of ground got covered so it’s a little amusing that it’s only until now, in this one-off special, that the series finally depicts the common cold. Go figure with that.

Even odder is the fact that this episode actually focuses on one of the normal body cells, who are generally just background extras. The one we’re particularly following here has gotten bored with his daily life and has a chance encounter with a cell infected by the common cold. Unaware of what’s wrong with his peer and wanting to enjoy some mischief, he teams up with the infected cell to pull some pranks on everybody.

Obviously, the drawback to this scenario is that none of the major characters we were following back in Summer 2018 are all that prominent in this episode. Red, for example, is only present for about a a minute and a half total. More importantly, this is yet another episode where there’s not enough Platelets. Darn it, when are they ever going to get the spotlight?

That said, the pranks the normal Cell and his sick buddy pull on everyone is pretty funny from time to time. Some of them you really have to question their quality. Like, is tricking Red into an incomplete bridge really that great of a prank? Knowing her, she’d probably get lost and walk into it anyway. The best one, however, is when the cells swap Macrophages’ weapons for sports equipment. Seeing as how they’re still blunt objects, however, none of the Macrophages are really all that deterred to see their weapons replaced. In fact, they later used those objects to beat the crap out of all the sick cells in the end. Some prank that turned out to be.

One random detail that I found to be pretty amusing was the fact that the body Cells spend their days creating clones of themselves. Obviously, that’s Cells‘ spin on what cell division would look like in its world. I know those giant tubes were shown briefly before but I’m only now realizing how weird it would be if your full time job was cloning yourself. Can you imagine doing that for a living? I certainly can’t. For that matter, do any of these body cells get paid for cloning themselves? …Does anybody in this body get paid at all?

Anyway, second season or not, it is nice to Cells at Work! return one more time. A bit of a shame that none of the principal cast members play a big role here but I’d say this scenario involving a generally minor character is suitable for a one-off special. Now, if only we can get our Platelet-centric episode…

Thanks for reading!

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