I Did the Poll Thing on the Twitter and I’d Like Your Help

So just a head’s up: I just posted a poll on Twitter asking people to help me decide on an older anime for me to watch and cover for the blog. I’ve been thinking of doing something like this for a while now and going into Winter 2019, I considered going through with it as a “contingency plan” I’ve considered in case the season sucked. There’s actually enough anime from this Winter season I could see myself covering but it’s still slim pickings and to be frank, my watch list is still getting smaller as we near the midseason. That obviously means a lot of free blogging time back for me so I figured why not consider covering an older anime to keep myself a little busy?

I don’t know how well this poll will go since I’m a nobody on the internet but I’d love to get some help on singling out an anime out of the four I’ve narrowed the shortlist down to. Any vote would be super appreciated. The poll will last until Sunday, February 3.

Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “I Did the Poll Thing on the Twitter and I’d Like Your Help

    1. Yeah, that was one of the reasons why I wasn’t sure about how well the poll would go (apart from the fact I’m just some guy on the internet). Tweets fade away so quickly. I think making this post was a smart move.

      Also, thanks for voting! Same goes for everyone! Apologies that I made you torn between 1 and 4 (Flip Flappers and Yuki Yuna I presume?) but I hope that also means I chose my picks pretty well.

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