Ao-chan Can’t Study! – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

I got curious about Ao-chan Can’t Study! for its, ahem, “plot” but I have also seen only lukewarm responses to its manga source so I wasn’t expecting much out of this. But honestly, and feel free to call me crazy, I kind of enjoyed the show(?).

Why I enjoyed it is simple: I really like the titular protagonist, Ao (Azumi Waki). That she’s raised by an erotic author is silly sounding but not really all that far-fetched and it lets you readily relate with her desire to study and distance herself from such an embarrassing background. I also found her paranoia around men pretty funny too since a lot of her preconceptions are reminiscent of various cliches found in erotic doujins. That, in turn, makes her interactions with Takumi (Junta Terashima) entertaining. Takumi appears to be just some guy who likes her (presumably) as a person and that actually makes him the perfect contrast to Ao’s perception of men.

There is one potential deal breaker, however, in the form of Ao’s father, Hanasaki (Kenjiro Tsuda). He’s basically if you took Umaru-chan’s chibification and applied it to a pervy old man. If that sounds obnoxious to you then don’t worry, it is! The man just isn’t that funny with how he whines about his daughter not providing him dinner and tries to get her into perverted situations in an effort to bring her closer to Takumi. The latter bit is also just pretty uncomfortable to sit through. What would’ve been really funny is if the dad was actually just a normal guy who happens to write erotic fan fiction for a living and is a clueless idiot trying to figure out why his daughter has estranged him. That would’ve also fit with the more grounded aspects of the plot. Too bad the show didn’t go in that direction.

Right now, Ao-chan Can’t Study! is shy away from garnering my commitment. I am curious how Ao and Takumi’s relationship develops but if that core is surrounded by a lot of unfunny noise then I don’t know if I want to keep watching. I’ll at least give it three episodes before making a final decision.


This song is way too catchy. The visuals are way too creative too.

ED: “Koi wa Miracle” by Spira Spica

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