Joshi Kausei – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Joshi Kausei caught my attention as it’s advertised as a silent short series. Save for announcing the show’s name on the title card and some audible sounds, the girls in this show don’t talk at all. All the antics are entirely acted out with body language accompanied by some music. That’s what the show touted but, as you can tell from the screencaps above, that’s not all it’s banking on. 

To be fair, fan service is maybe a stretch. Yes, there’s an emphasis on them thighs but much of the antics derived from that isn’t that sexy. There’s a scene where a classmate gets sandwiched in between the main character’s thighs but following that up is another classmate playing with them like they’re musical instruments. Maybe that’s someone’s kink but surely, that’s not a common one, is it? Besides, it’s also just weird. What exactly was going on in that classmate’s head…and is the main character really that bored that she’d be nonchalant throughout the whole event?

For the most part, the antics were whatever to me though I do think the best gag was saved for last. At the start of the episode, the main character is taking the train ride home and a passerby is shocked at something she has. Later in the episode, there’s a scene where the main character tries to swat away a bug, resulting in her slapping the mark of her hand on her thighs. Thus, the punchline is that the passerby saw the mark and naturally jumps to a wilder conclusion. That I’ll admit got a chuckle out of me. To be honest, I think the episode could’ve just banked on that too. Since it’s short in length, it might as well.

Which brings me to another point. If Joshi Kausei was full length, I’d probably lose interest quick. However, the episodes are only 5 minutes long each which does grant the show a ton of leniency. I doubt you’ll take away anything meaningful from this series but at the end of the day, the slight fan service filled antics are innocuous at best and again, it did manage to amuse me to an extent.

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3 thoughts on “Joshi Kausei – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. I expected more clever slapstick given the show’s premise, but I was really unimpressed by the whole episode. Maybe I’m just a prude, but everything leading up to the final punchline just left me feeling empty.

    Also, can we talk about that cut-and-paste mosquito?

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    1. I’m admittedly more lenient because it is 5 minute show. If this ran for half an hour per episode, I’d more readily call it boring.

      Generally, I find that I save commenting on animation for a series review but you’re not wrong about that mosquito. If I recall, the wings barely flapped.


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