Re:Stage! Dream Days – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Much like Love Live!Re:Stage! Dream Days is centered around students practicing to become idols which is an angle I always find neat. It’s much easier to buy into an idol anime when you don’t have to think too much about the real world baggage the idol profession deals with. The only thing I find odd about the premise is the name of the idol club itself. For whatever reason, it’s called the “Lyrical Tradition Dance Club”. What a bizarrely fancy way to say “idol club”. It’s like if a gaming club called themselves the “Electronic and Interactive Entertainment Club”.

I kind of like the characters introduced so far. Mana (Amane Makino) and Sayu (Akari Kitou) have some befitting backgrounds with the former being the younger sister of a well-known idol and latter aspiring to become one. Watching them become friends can get really cheesy. I tell you, the yuri subtext is strong in this show from Sayu holding Mana’s hands, proclaiming that she wants to be partners with her to chasing after the bus Mana is riding in because she refuses to give up on her. Nevertheless, it does make for a decent core. I genuinely do want to see these two partner up (one way or another).

Truth be told though, the most entertaining character so far is Mizuha (Masumi Tazawa), the club president. I don’t know why she’s in a kimono preparing tea (the most unlike an idol you can possibly get) but it was funny how she tried to coerce Mana into signing an application and then try to elicit sympathy by fake crying. The student council vice president was also pretty amusing with how she runs down the absurd number of clubs to Mana with neutral delivery. Sadly though, she doesn’t seem like a major addition to the cast.

Where the show really needs to impress me though is the presentation. Not so much with the art — it looks fine for the most part and while the dancing scenes can look a little rough, the fact that it isn’t achieved through blatant CGI is admirable. Where I’m more concerned is the soundtrack. I stand by this, no matter how competent or even amazing an idol anime’s story can be, it lives or dies by how infectious its tunes are. The music shown so far sounds pretty decent though bear in mind, none of the songs are actually sung by the main characters. The real test is when they’ll actually sing.

I can see myself dropping Re:Stage! Dream Days, especially as this season is (surprisingly) looking to be a little packed with shows worth watching. Still, I enjoyed the first episode well enough so I’ll give this the three episode rule for now.

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One thought on “Re:Stage! Dream Days – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. “The student council vice president was also pretty amusing with how she runs down the absurd number of clubs to Mana with neutral delivery.”

    I loves the survival games club reference… Kept hoping for a tankery reference. 🙂


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