Astra Lost in Space – Ep. 3

After Zack informed Kanata of a possible traitor in their midst, the latter begins an investigation on who said traitor might be. Considering that we’re still pretty early into the story, progress doesn’t really go anywhere. In fact, Astra Lost in Space throws Kanata on an even bigger loop when he overhears Funicia recalling when she got adopted. A suspicious man appeared at her orphanage, talking about putting her in a group to be eliminated. So not only is there a traitor, someone might want the gang dead. It’s entirely possible that the traitor is in cahoots too.

I kind of question Kanata’s decision to tell everyone about the possible traitor. On one hand, that act of transparency is a strong show of leadership and it might else be disclosed now that everyone is on edge. But on the other, this is going to make everyone even more on edge. Trust is still something the gang is working on; sharing the news could shatter it in no time. Hell, you almost see it happen in this episode when Quitterie loses her cool (is there ever going to be half-hour where she doesn’t lose her cool?). It’s a good thing Aries defused the situation; proving once again that Kanata might be the leader but it’s really her that keeps everyone in check.

Out of everyone, Ulgar (Koki Uchimiya), is looking the most suspicious. His estranged father is the vice principal of the school, he’s self taught in using guns, and you find out at the end that he has a real gun in his possession. It all smells fishy, maybe a little too fishy. When a suspect is that obvious, you have to wonder if that’s actually serving to throw you off. But as to who could actually be it, I’m kind of stumped right now. My only other guess is Yua-Hua (Saori Hayami) and that’s only because she acted pretty odd in this episode. While everyone is off repairing the ship for an emergency landing, Yua-Hua very curiously didn’t have her helmet turned on. That seems far too foolish of a thing to do. But for all I know, she probably was just spacing out.

Frankly, a part of me is still hoping it’ll be Aries. Come on, it’d be an amazing twist.

The big climax ends the episode on an interesting note. Even though everyone is uneasy about who the traitor could be, they still end up working together to fix the ship and land it onto the next planet. It was close, real close (and also a lot of fun for me, the viewer) but they all got the job done in time. So clearly, they’re still a team. The question now is how long that camaraderie will last.

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