Asteroid in Love – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

This probably goes without saying but I do gravitate towards anime centering around stuff I’m most interested in (pun no intended). Asteroid in Love very much checks that box. Growing up, astronomy and geology were my jam. I read all about space and wanted to be an astronaut. I owned a collection of rocks and minerals for a couple of years. Those subjects aren’t really my biggest passions anymore (I think you can tell what’s taken priority by checking out this blog) but they’re still areas of science that I enjoy the most. So I won’t lie, an anime centered around them does pique my interest.

Of course, I am aware that this is a CGDCT anime and is most likely going to be a typical one at that. The plot certainly doesn’t come across as terribly ambitious. Mira Konohata (Tomoyo Takayangi) is a young girl who becomes interested in astronomy after a chance encounter with a boy named Ao (Megumi Yamaguchi). Fast forward to high school and Mira joins her school’s newly formed Earth Sciences Club and reunites with Ao, who she discovers is actually a girl. From there, I assume it’s regular club anime stuff for this show. It’d be amazing if the characters go to space but I have a gut feeling that won’t happen (this isn’t Antarctica after all).

I suppose the relationship between Mira and Ao could go somewhere. Normally, I think little on romantic subtext in this kind of anime (it rarely ever goes anywhere meaningful) but considering that this anime actually has “In Love” in its title, maybe I do need to consider the possibility of actual yuri. You certainly see some bait throughout the premiere and you could do something interesting with how Mira now feels about Ao now that she knows her actual gender. Whatever the case may be, the chemistry is there. Mira’s ability to bring the shy Ao to open up is charming if nothing else and the idea that both girls still want to discover an asteroid together after all these years adds a sense of weight to their friendship.

For now, I’d say the strongest hook in the series is the fact that the featured Earth Sciences Club is a merger of a geology and an astronomy club. That creates some semblance of a conflict as while both clubs are science-based, they’re different enough to make creating a unified agenda a bit of a challenge. I don’t know how heavily the show will bank on this though. The premiere ends with the club deciding to create a newsletter together. Club vice president and leader of the geology side, Mikage (Nao Touyama), humorously acts particular about the uneven ratio between astronomy and geology members but other than that, there’s no real hostility between anyone. Both the club president and astronomy leader Mari (Sumire Uesaka) and geology member Mai (Maria Sashide) seem content with the club merger.

All things considered, this is looking to be your usual CGDCT anime so those who aren’t fond of moe will likely want to steer clear of this. As for myself, I would like to see this show try a little harder but I can still see myself enjoying it. The astronomy and geology themes is mighty appealing to me and I do find the cast pretty charming so far.

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3 thoughts on “Asteroid in Love – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. “(this isn’t Antarctica after all)”

    I chuckled at this!

    I agree with Falcon, Asteroids could go in any number of directions… Really too hard to tell at the moment. I mostly enjoyed it, but I always dislike it when they throw a bunch of cast at us all at once.

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