Here Lies Xeno’s Hopes and Dreams – April 2020 Edition

Been a long while since I wrote any announcements. I tend to put that off after a period where blogging doesn’t go stellar for me. Considering how Winter 2020 went (not the worse but still far from desired), that’s for the better. Plus, the only hope or dream I had at the time was blog better and that goes without saying. I figured I post something for this month as I do have a lot more free time right now due to obvious, worldwide circumstances I don’t like but it is what it is.

Upcoming Posts:

  • 4/21 – Spring 2020 Initial Overview
  • 4/30 – Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? (Season 1) – Review

As always, dates are subject to change. Also, if you’re wondering why DanMachi will be the first review in a while, I’m planning on reviewing all the anime material in time for Season 3 to air. I missed my chance to cover Season 2 and I don’t want to repeat that mistake for Season 3.

Seasonal Anime Coverage

The Spring 2020 First Impressions begin today (well, the day I’m publishing this post). I’m aiming to write more since I have the time to spare. Unlike the past two seasons where I just did a Featured Image, I’m aiming to do my current standard of 30 screencaps. The big downside to that is they’ll eat up my storage space on WordPress. I guess I could embed via Imgur links instead.

Nothing is set in stone for full series coverage. Fruits Basket Season 2 would’ve been a definite…but I never finished covering Season 1, couldn’t find the time to do so, and I feel more inclined to binge it so I can watch Season 2. It sucks but time to move on.

The Room Camp reviews are finished. Feel free to check that out.

As for Magia Record, I’ve been debating about what to do with it. My original plan was to just finish watching and reviewing it but as some of you may know, I was sick for most of March. By the time I felt well enough, the show was nearing its finale and I’m someone who loses a lot of motivation with playing catch up once the show finishes airing. And the longer I debate about this in my head, the longer this show remains on hold. The Spring 2020 First Impressions are my first priority but once that’s settled, I’ll reach a final decision on Magia Record. Even though this show makes me sad, I did enjoy blogging about it and I am admittedly very tired of leaving episode reviews unfinished. And who knows, maybe I’ll like it enough to consider watching and reviewing Season 2 (of course that’s a thing…).

Finally, I realize I haven’t written a Final Rankings for both Fall 2019 and Winter 2020. To be frank, I feel so behind on those seasons and I’m tired of writing belated seasonal editorials that I’d rather skip writing those and start anew with Spring 2020. They’re subject to change but that’s where I’m at.

Poll-Based Episode Reviews

Currently three episodes in School-Live! and Yuki Yuna is a Hero. I wanted to watch five by the end of March but being sick for much of the month slowed me down. I do apologize that the School-Live! posts have been reposted stuff so far. I considered re-posting them while I sick but I wanted to go through the show in parallel with Yuki Yuna is a Hero. Thankfully, there’s just one old review left and then I can continue from where I originally left off.

Due to the Spring 2020 premieres, I decided to take a break from working on the School-Live! and Yuki Yuna is a Hero reviews until at least April 10. I’m aiming to resume on April 12 or 19 depending on how quickly the First Impressions are written. Normally I focus on seasonal anime but these two projects are going to my top priority to finish. I owe anyone who voted last year and are following these posts that much.

I won’t revive the episode review poll until I’m done covering School-Live! and YuYuYu. It’s looking to be July 2020 at this point.

Episode Re-Reviews

So my plan with the Princess Principal re-reviews was to revive and finish them in time for Crown Handler‘s theatrical release. Alas, that plan fizzled out due to being busy and when I really think about it, it’d be a long while before I’d get to watch Crown Handler anyway. So yeah, it’s still on hold but it will be done. I think by the time I can watch Crown Handler with subtitles, I’ll get cracking (watch it be simulcasted…).

Other than that, I do have plans to revise my episode reviews for the first seasons of Quintessential Quintuplets and Laid-Back Camp before their respective second seasons air (Summer and Fall 2020 respectively). Made in Abyss is also on the table but there’s no set date for Season 2 just yet so we’ll wait and see.

Anime Archive

Did a little bit of work on that hub page of mine at the end of last year but it still remains an on and off process. One thing I should get around to doing is relinking the Restaurant to Another World archive. I held off on that because I consider doing episode re-reviews for when the show released on Blu-ray. Obviously, that ship sailed so time to move on. Another thing I should do is set up a “Miscellaneous” page comprised of episode reviews left unfinished (and there’s quite a lot there).

Lightning Round Curation

I mentioned this in the last Hopes and Dreams post (which has now been set to Private) but I did set most of my Lightning Rounds to Private a few months ago. I’m just not proud of them anymore; they can go. As a compromise, I did repost and backdate any writings relevant to any series of Episode Reviews I finished such as Darling in the FranXX and the first season of Quintessential Quintuplets. The only Lightning Round posts that are still up are First Impressions ones. I am leaning towards setting them to private as well but if I do that, I will repost and backdate any snippets that I don’t mind keeping in the archive.

Thanks for reading!

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