The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

There’s not a lot of anime that premiered in the second week of April so screw it, I might as well just write about the stragglers individually however short they might be.

As the title suggests, The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited centers around Daisuke Kanbe (Yuusuke Ounuki), an enormously wealthy detective. So long as his bank account can cover the cost, the man isn’t afraid to get what he needs and do whatever it takes to solve the case. Examples shown in the premiere is taking a foreign prince’s car and covering damage on several properties, paying double in both cases even. This puts him at odds with Haru Katou (Mamoru Miyano), a blackballed cop with a strong sense of justice and presumably Kanbe’s partner for the series.

The show is definitely going to the extreme with establishing what an uncaring jackass Kanbe is. Like, he almost runs over passing bystanders during the episode’s chase scene and is flat out willing to let a criminal die in order to resolve the situation. After Katou risks his own life to save the criminal’s, Kanbe doesn’t even help him up. It can be funny at times but for the most part, it feels too cartoony. Even if he has as much pocket change as Jeff Bezos, you can’t expect me to believe that he’s gotten away with everything with it. Like that scene where he harasses a foreign prince and buy his car? That’s bound to cause a scandal, it’d be dumb if it actually ends with the one transaction.

There isn’t really a mystery in the premiere per se. All the case really is a terrorist threat in which the perks are actually caught off screen and the bomb they were going to use is immediately identified. Conflict only arises because of an unlucky coincidence involving a two small time robbers (who look like they could use couple counseling) accidentally driving the truck that contains the bomb and Kanbe being Kanbe. Hopefully, the second episode actually provides a legitimate mystery. Imagine if Kanbe is able to bribe a suspect for a testimony or a confession, thereby forcing Katou to begrudgingly acknowledge that the millionaire has his perks. That’d be funny.

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3 thoughts on “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

    1. Same, not a lot of mystery anime have clicked for me as of late.

      Have you tried Woodpecker Detective’s Office? That’s another mystery show that premiered this past week. I’m going to write about it soon but I think that looks a little more appealing than Millionaire Detective.

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