Poll #2 Results

Final results of the second review poll:

As you can see, the winner is Flip Flappers. I’ve seen a couple of episodes back when it aired in 2016 and I actually felt a bit mixed on it (the animation seemed fantastic however). Given its reception, I want to give it another go and I figured it’d be a fun candidate for the poll. Will I like it now? Only one way to find out. I plan on beginning coverage on June 20, taking School-Live‘s place for Saturdays. There will be a two week break in July to accommodate for the Summer 2020 premieres (however many there will be) but that’s the only hiatus I foresee.

I’m open to putting Charlotte for another poll (if I do another one) but to be honest, I may do a series review sometime before The Day I Became a God premieres. That was actually my plan before I decided to include it in the poll to gauge interest. Other than that, Humanity Has Declined will get another chance and so will Sound of the Sky if I end up doing a series review for Charlotte (though that may be the last chance I’ll give the show).

Anyway, thank you everyone who voted for this poll. Since this is only the second one, I still don’t have a strong bearing on how these will go and I know we’re also living in a stressful time right now. I really appreciate taking the time and pitching in here. If you missed the poll, don’t worry. I imagine I’ll do another one…I just can’t promise it’ll be before the next season (lol).

Thanks for reading!

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