Monster Girl Doctor – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

Monster Girl Doctor officially premieres on television on July 12 but the first episode released on Crunchyroll a couple days ago so we get to talk about it now.

The title of the show says it all. Glenn Leitbeit (Shunichi Toki) is a young doctor in the town of Lidworm who is trained to work with monster patients (and judging by the title, the most relevant patients are going to be female). Joining him is his assistant, Saphentite “Sapphee” Neikes (Saori Oonishi), a lamia who is clearly smitten with the doctor and gets annoyed whenever a patient gets too close around him.

Given the show’s title and the general track record of monster girl anime, you’d expect Monster Girl Doctor to be a scandalous show. That is indeed the case in a couple of scenes. For example, the very opening scene has Glenn examining the breasts of a minotaur lady for a medical check up. Context is justified and to Glenn’s credit, he’s completely professional about his job but there’s no denying that the scene exists to set the tone and also to entice viewers with some blatant eye candy. At the same time, I’d actually say that Monster Girl Doctor isn’t ecchi enough. Regardless of what Glenn has to do for his patient, said patient still has some form of clothing. There’s also moments such as Sapphee wrapping her tail around Glenn that, while certainly sexual in tone, isn’t that erotically graphic. All things considered, this is an odd approach. I’d say I was watching the censored version but as far as I know, there is no uncensored version available or planned for this show.

Fanservice aside, watching this show made for a pretty dull experience. While some character designs are solid, Sapphee in particular has a great color scheme to hers, the art is dull and the animation is competent at best. Some of the dialogue is extremely expository (i.e. Sapphee’s history and relationship with Glenn is told to you rather than shown). Glenn seems to be a bland as as a protagonist can get. Sapphee can be pretty entertaining but she is held back by the fact that the character she’ll be bouncing off of isn’t that terribly interesting himself.

The most damning issue is how contrived it gets when the ladies develops the hots for Glenn. They tend to just flirt with him out of nowhere. This is best exemplified with our main patient for the episode, a Centaur heiress and gladiator Tisalia Scythia (Sarah Emi Bridcutt). Right as her examination begins, she talks to Glenn about how she hasn’t met a suitor of interest and states that she’d prefer a young and intelligent doctor. Not only is that oddly specific, it’s random of her to bring this up and there’s no real backbone to it either apart from love at first sight. It only makes sense for Tisalia to fall in love after the examination, when Glenn offers to install horseshoes to improve her footing and help her rebound from a losing streak she’s been dealing with in the arena. Until then, it’s rather contrived for her to act so smitten.

I already wasn’t hoping much out of Monster Girl Doctor as ecchi anime aren’t really my cup of tea. Monster girl anime also is a genre I’m so-so on, the only two I can think of that I like are Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid (which was very funny) and Interviews with Monster Girls (which is atypically wholesome for the genre). Even so, this premiere is pretty unremarkable and it doesn’t motivate me all that much to continue watching.

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One thought on “Monster Girl Doctor – Ep. 1 (First Impressions)

  1. I like this series because it’s funny and light hearted. Centorea is one of my favourites of the girls, Tio the ogre narrowly beats her in ranking though for me. Centorea being a centaur makes her no more an animal than a mermaid (which generally has never been compared to bestiality) , she’s a beautiful woman and a person (with huge boobs), not an animal.


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