Lapis Re:LiGHTs – Ep. 8

This episode resumes where the previous one left off with Tiara asking Director Chloe for permission to perform an Orchestra with her group mates. Along the way, Chloe proceeds to reveal some information about Eliza and the rest of Ray. While this means Lapis‘ bloated cast is getting even larger, it’s a necessary move in this case. Considering the prestige surrounding Eliza, it’s nice to see her as a normal schoolgirl and learn that whatever her intent is with keeping Tiara in the dark about magic, she does love her sister. She’s a bit more humanized now.

It’s also fun to learn how weird Eliza’s group mates were. Chloe is a mature woman now though she apparently had a hard case of chuunibyou back in the day which she tries to keep a secret from Tiara. Most hilariously, it’s revealed that Angelica is actually a member of Ray. Her real name is Angers and she apparently dropped out of the academy before Chloe egged her into finishing her studies under an alias. My goodness, her looks and attitude sure changed over the years (though I think her brattier, current self is more entertaining).

After Chloe gives Tiara the a-okay, we get treated with a training montage. Some of the assigned duties are pretty fitting with Ashley using her sewing skills to create the idol uniforms and Lynette writing some lyrics. Amusingly, those two get exhausted the most. Seeing all this work naturally mirrors the stuff idols do in real life and it does explain why only major characters in this series perform in Orchestras. It’s a huge extracurricular investment. Something I find sweet is seeing some of the other characters lend a helping hand, most notably with Maryberry helping with the technical equipment. That’s a nice show of friendship and unity.

Amusingly enough, it’s the unit name that Tiara and co. struggle on the most. You even have a fun montage showing the hours they waste away on brainstorming. Some of the names they pitched are pretty funny such as “Pretty Five GoGo” (sounds like a Super Sentai or Pretty Cure team) and “Lavie and her Merry Little Friends” (take a guess who pitched that). Ultimately, they settle on “LiGHTs”. That’s not really a huge surprise as that name is shown in PVs and CMs and why else is this show titled Lapis Re:LiGHTs (though I’m not sure where the “Re:” comes from). I do like the reasoning behind it, how the girls want to shine and dazzle as they perform much like the magical lights scattered throughout the town. It’s also a bit cheeky when you consider that Eliza’s group is called Ray (get it?).

So finally at Episode 8(!), we get to see Tiara’s group perform. I don’t know if it’s worth the wait but it’s a pretty solid performance! The song has a really ridiculous title (“700,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 No Sora De”, see what I mean?) but it’s a catchy pop song nonetheless. It’s certainly nice to hear someone other than Tiara sing (Lynette’s voice is particularly cute). The choreography is easily the best part though. You have the team splitting off and performing in different parts of town. I don’t think an audience would realistically want to follow them around but it does make for some pizzazz and there’s something dazzling about seeing the girls leap across the sky onto different buildings. Also, maybe it’s just me but the CGI seems better this time around, probably the best it’s looked since Supernova’s performance in Episode 2.

LiGHTs ends up getting a passing grade with their Orchestra but considering the bad luck these poor girls have had with their grades, I was expecting there to be a catch. Sure enough, the girls receive a letter informing them that their magical parkour was done without permission which will presumably nullify the points they would’ve gained. Honestly, I’m more convinced that this whole points fiasco is rigged. It’s gotten too coincidental that every accomplishment these girls do is met with a punishment. But whatever the case may be, I’m curious about the upcoming fallout. It’d be interesting if the girls garner enough fervor that their expulsion becomes controversial or if they go their separate ways but temporarily forge their own path together. I’m still holding onto some hope that Eliza might be the real “mastermind” and “antagonist”. Again, I think that’s a crackpot theory but surely, the most prestigious idol group will be involved beyond backstory.

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