Magia Record: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story – Ep. 11

Still covering Magia Record. I know, it’s once again been a while since the last review and I apologize for that. It’s not the show — well…maybe a little — it’s me. I’m currently covering a bunch of anime so playing catch up has been an even lower priority than it already has for me. I’ve actually thought about keeping this show on hold for longer and restarting coverage right before Season 2 premieres but honestly, I’m so far in Season 1 that I might as well finish from where I left off. Plus, I don’t even know if I am going to watch Season 2. I’m at the end of my rope. Let’s just get this over with.

Last episode, Sana reveals to Iroha that she’s heard of Nemu meaning this show is finally having its protagonist investigate the best lead she has. It only took ten episodes to get here. And investigate Iroha does as she realizes one of the twins working for the Magius, Tsukuyo Amane (Maaya Uchida), goes to the same school Sana used to and decides to confront and ask her to see Nemu. I’ve given Iroha some crap as some of the actions she’s taken have been very questionable but this time around, I have to give her some credit. Her plan to confront Tsukuyo is thought out. She intimidates the enemy with her knowledge of her identity and leaves behind a note for Yachiyo so that Tsukuyo can’t pull anything funny on her.

I don’t know why but I find Tsukuyo considerably more enjoyable in this one scene. Maybe it’s the fact that she’s not with her twin sister so you don’t have the annoying bit where they complete each other’s sentences. I guess I also find it cute how panicky she’s getting around Iroha of all people (though this isn’t the first time we’ve seen her panic over something going awry). There is also this exchange of dialogue where Tsukuyo admits that Iroha’s desire to find her sister is something she sympathizes towards and does want to help if she can. That humanizes her a bit and makes her less of an enigma we’re supposed to feel threatened by.

While Iroha waits for Tsukuyo to meet her end of the bargain, she accompanies Yui, Felicia, and Sana in buying coasters, one for everyone at the villa, as a surprise gift to Yachiyo. This also leads into another fight with a Witch and while it is charming to see the four girls fighting together, I can’t believe they’re fighting over a set of coasters. Remember when fighting Witches had weight to them?

Surprising Yachiyo with the coasters ends up getting put on hold when Mifuyu pays the villa a visit and offers Iroha to join the Magius. When you think about it, Iroha might actually have an easier time with her investigation if she joins them. She wouldn’t have to deal with fighting them and she’d maybe even have an easier time finding Ui, especially if Ui is tied to the Magius. Iroha doesn’t give an answer though Mifuyu does leave an invitation to attend a seminar regarding the truth about magical girls and Witches. It’s funny, the possibility of our heroines not knowing what’s up actually slipped my mind. That would explain why the characters, though shocked, haven’t really pondered on the implication Doppels actually bring to the table.

Mifuyu seriously gives me the creeps. She acts like she’s a frequent visitor of the place, and she indeed did used to be one, but you can’t shake off this feeling that she doesn’t belong there anymore. Things especially get awkward once Yachiyo returns home and Mifuyu tries to talk to her about all the new friends she’s made. Is she jealous about that? Is she happy for Yachiyo? Maybe a bit of both? It’s hard to tell because of her flat tone of voice and blank smile. One thing that is certain that she knows Yachiyo better than anyone else, recognizing her denial that Iroha and the others are her friends and warning her to not let history repeat itself.

Something clearly happened with Yachiyo and the following scene strongly hints at what that may be. While Yachiyo contemplates to herself, her reflection in her mirror starts talking back to her and more importantly, takes the same masked appearance that Iroha’s Doppel first takes up. All signs are pointing towards Yachiyo knowing the existence of Doppels which would line up with what Mami was implying back in Episode 5. Maybe Yachiyo accidentally summoned her Doppel and went berserk, harming or even killing her friends in the process. That would explain why Yachiyo is trying not to feel so attached to her friends. She’s afraid of losing people dear to her again.

We’ll learn soon enough as Momoko is about to reveal what happened to Rena. Why is Momoko explaining this and Rena is receiving it? For the life of me, I don’t know. Admittedly, Momoko was maybe there when it happened and knowledge of Doppels seems relevant for all magical girls including Rena. Even so, wouldn’t it make for tighter writing for Momoko to explain to Iroha and the others? I’m surprised Iroha didn’t even think to try and ask her about the past.

The episodes with Iroha and her friends arriving at the location of the seminar, some sort of a museum. There, she finds out the one giving the lecture is Touka Satomi (Rie Kugimiya), Ui’s other friend. Can’t say I’m surprised. If Nemu is part of the Magius, Touka being a member as well was highly likely. What I find interesting is that Touka doesn’t seem to recognize Iroha at all which would mean she might’ve forgotten of Ui as well. While that would make sense, that also worries me as this means searching for Ui will take even longer.

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